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Colmans Seafood Temple - South Shields

As you know from my last post I'm spending a lot more time in South Shields now and if you follow my food instagram @katiejaneonlinefood you'll also know that I've been to the new Colmans Sea Food Temple quite a few times. 

Well three times in total - rather than writing about all three individually I'm just going to do one huge post. 

The first time I went were with friends on a Friday night, there were 6 of us altogether and it was super loud, thankfully since my first visit there has been acoustic circles added to the ceiling and the noise levels are much better now. 

The meal I tried was Scampi £10.95, battered langoustine tails with chips and a house salad. They were so fluffy. 

My second visit was also on a Friday night on a double date night, we started out night at the bar where I tried a cocktail.

East Side £7.50, Gin, elderflower, cucumber, mint, lime and sugar. It was so light and refreshing the perfect way to kick off a meal. 

Starting off a Friday night with a cocktail is perfect in my eyes - the only way to top it is with prawns. 

Which is exactly what I did. Grilled Tiger Prawns £7.95, swimming in garlic butter, they were delicious. I mopped up the butter with French bread - that came with the prawns.

I'm usually put off prawns with their heads still on but I was pleased that they came off super easy. Normally this is my Dad's job but I just had to be brave and pull them off. 

Matty ordered from the specials, iberico ham £9.00 - I can't quite remember the price so don't quote me on that, with tomato bread. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed this as he wanted it again on our next trip. 

However for main course Matty and I both ordered the same. 

Good old Fish and Chips, prime Cod £8.75. 

They are delicious - I can't recommend Colman's fish and chips enough. A huge cod with flaky fish which I drizzled in the lemon that came as a garnish. The mountain of chips are the perfect combination of this British classic.  

Of course I can't just have fish and chips on their own, I have to add salt, vinegar and get some tomato sauce, along with chip shop curry sauce £2.00 and some mushy peas £1.50.

It wasn't until my first visit to Colman's that I discovered how delicious curry sauce and chips went so well together. My friend Neil ordered a pot and asked if I would like to try some, I was so glad I did. It is amazing!! 

Colmans Seafood Temple is based on the seafront at South Shields, previously known as Ghandi's Temple to any locals who know the area. The best selling point Colmans Seafood Temple has, apart from the delicious food, is the stunning views of the sandy beach and the North sea. 

The following Tuesday when Chloe invited Matty and I out with her husband Simon to Colmans seafood temple again, I couldn't say no. 

We had good old catch up and ordered out fish supper, everyone went for fish and chips apart from me. 

This time I ordered the Cod and Salmon fishcakes £8.25. 

Delicious crisp crispy fish cakes with a house salad and a generous portion of Colmans famous chips. Of course I ordered a portion of curry sauce again. I think I may be slightly addicted to it. 

The next time you are looking for a good old British Fish supper Colman's Seafood Temple should be top of your list. Booking is essential as the restaurant always seems to be pretty busy when every I pass. Call on 0191 511 1349. 

Have you visited Colmans Seafood Temple yet? There is a seafood curry on the menu I'd quite like to try next. 

Colmans Seafood Temple - South Shields

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