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Why I Keep Going Back To Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I've flirted between foundations in my time but I always go back to Estée Lauder's double wear. 

My first bottle I got in my last year at school, 10 years ago this summer *shudders*. The price has gone up in, I've remained the same shade and the foundation has remained a staple in my makeup bag. 

It is a beauty classic. 

Staying Power. It does stay on my face all day. The double wear foundation is always my first choice for a base when I'm going to an event, especially a wedding. The staying power is seriously hardcore! 

Buildable. You only need a small amount of foundation to achieve medium coverage, but it is buildable if you prefer a full coverage foundation. I have quite a few red marks on my skin and even with just one layer of foundation they disappear. 

Lightweight. Even once you've built up this foundation on your face there is no cakey feeling. In fact sometimes when I'm double wear foundation I forget I even have makeup on at all. 

Colour Match. With 44 colours to choose from there is literally a colour to match anyone. 

Down Side. The price. £32.50 is a lot of money to be spending every 6 weeks on something at the end of the day you do wash off your face. But it hasn't put me off that much. 

My usual shade, the one I've been forever (on the left) is Ivory Beige 3NI and on the right is what I am using at the moment, Desert Beige 2NI. Desert Beige is too light for me, so I haven't put fake tan on all week. I got given this shade by accident at Manchester airport. But I was on the plane when I noticed so it was too late to go back. 

I'd love to hear what makeup product you always go back too? 

Why I Keep Going Back To Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

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