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North East Bloggers Picnic Vlog

The third annual North East Bloggers picnic took place on Sunday in Marine Park, South Shields. 

Long time readers will know my co writer, Alfie usually puts paw to laptop and types up the picnic events. You can read the first year here and the second one here

However this year, he stayed at home as something super exciting was happening and sadly it wasn't dog friendly. He was ok with this, I just have to make it up to him next year. 

A few of the North East Bloggers played Laser Force at Ocean Beach. It was the best game ever. I loved playing it so much - although I was slightly nervous before we went in the arena. 

We were treated to ice cream at Scoop and Bean post all the laser excitement. I went for a ferrero rocher ice cream with a chocolate flake! It was so tasty!! 

Anyway there is a vlog all about the day. I hope you enjoy watching it. 

North East Bloggers Picnic Vlog

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