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June Highlights

Summer is here, kind of. I mean if you looked out the window right now you wouldn't think so. It's grey, raining and just pretty miserable. But how do you know it's British Summer time? The heating is on. Which is very true. 

We are now closer to Christmas 2017 than we are 2016 (too early to start buying presents, I think now!). 

Blaydon Races. The best running race the north east has to offer. I love this race. I managed to finish this year in 53:49. Not what I wanted, but I'm blaming it on the fact I didn't have any trainers that fitted me properly. I did get to see my friend Michael from A Runner's Ramble which meant I instantly forgot my trainer problem.  

Weddings. I love a good wedding. My friends had a secret wedding in May and then a party in June which was lovely to attend. 

And then 2 of Matty's close friends got married in a beautiful church service where he was an usher. The party went back to Lumley Castle where we partied into the early hours of the morning. I did a get ready with my video which you can watch below. 

Blogging friends. Easily the best thing about starting a blog is the friends you meet along the way. Ive been to a few blogging events this month. The annual North East Bloggers picnic was a huge highlight, this year it was held in Marine Park in South Shields. You can watch my vlog to see what we got up too. 

Colmans Sea Food Temple. I finally got to take a trip to the new Colmans in South Shields, the food was delicious but the acoustics meant the restaurant was so loud. I got the battered scampi with chips and I was stealing my friends curry sauce to dip my chips in and of course I managed to spill some all down my front. I will go back, I just hope they sort the noise issue out. 

Matty came home. Yes, my boyfriend came home from work for the summer, big yay. Means I now have someone to take my instagrams for me! 

What have your highlights been this month? 

Here's hoping that we might get some nice weather in the month of June, fingers crossed. 

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June 2017 Highlights

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