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Colonel Porters - Newcastle

Who is Colonel Porter? 

Well I'm really glad you've asked that question, because last week I found out. He is the creator of the famous Newcastle Brown ale. 

Personally, I've never been a fan of the 'dog' (what Northerner's call Newcastle Brown ale. But I've heard a lot of stories from my Dad about night's out when 'he was seeing a man about a dog'. For my none Geordie readers that phrase means, 'I'm going to the pub'. 

Anyway, now you know who Colonel Porter is, do you know where it is? 

Colonel Porter is also the new tavern, botanical garden, rhum bar and it also serves food. 

I can't tell you much on the food, gin or rum, but I can tell you about what I know. 

I was invited down last Wednesday night so I thought I would tell you all about my trip there. 

The bar has a very cool 1920's feel. A treasure cove for small trinkets found in local antique houses and markets. 

You can find Colonel Porters at the bottom of Dean Street (until recently it was Canteen & Cocktails). 

There were a few canapés flying around on the evening - however they all contained meat. The waiter was so lovely, when he asked why I wasn't eating any and I told him I did eat meat he went and got me my own plate of veggie options. 

Not only the food was doing the rounds but also a magician, that really left me thinking "how on earth does he do it?". 

There also is on secret at Colonel Porters I have been toying with not telling you. But my sister convinced me to give it away, I think because she was desperate to know herself. But there is a secret area. 

Behind a book case, is a secret bar.

Archie's Lab. 

On a Sunday, Archie's Lab is where you will be seated if you book in for Sunday Lunch.  

The secret bar is also available for private hire. 

Along with Sunday lunches (there is a nut roast which I am looking forward to trying) Colonel Porters do sharing boards. As I'm sure you know I do love a tapas style dinner. 

Have you visited Colonel Porters yet? 

Colonel Porters - Newcastle 

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