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Butternut Squash Risotto Recipe

I have been really into cooking the last few weeks. Mainly because I want to take more care of what food I am putting into my body. 

This butternut squash recipe is not healthy but it is my favourite recipe to cook. I have made some changes along the way. Such as when I ate meat I would add  chicken stock instead of vegetable and I'd fry some chicken to add to the top. (Just ideas in case you want to switch things around). 

This recipe serves 4 - bigger eaters may want to have a side salad too. 

This risotto does take a long time to make, around an hour and does need a lot of attention so not your quick mid week tea but trust me, it is worth the wait.

You will need, 

300g of risotto rice

50g of butter 

1 white onion - diced 

Pinenuts (about a handful) 

1 small glass of white wine 

800kg of butternut squash 

6 sage leaves 

3 cloves of garlic 

One and a half litres of vegetable stock 


Olive oil 

Salt and peper 

Pre heat the oven to 200C 

Firstly I hate chopping up a butternut so I use these wedges of butternut squash from Sainsbury's I use two bags and pop them in a roasting tray and chop the garlic and tear the sage leaves and scatter both on top of the butternut. Drizzle olive oil over the top so the butternut is covered but not too much. 

The place in the oven for 35 minutes or until golden and soft. 

While the butternut is roasting. Boil one and a half litres of water and add the stock cube and leave on a low simmer.

In a seperate pan, add 25 grams of the butter and the onion and sweat, this takes around 10 minutes on a medium heat. The onions should be soft, then stir in the rice and add the rest of the butter. You have to keep stirring the rice until the edges go transparent and the grains are shiny. 

It was at this point, I then realised the frying pan I had chosen was not going to be big enough so I switch to my wok. 

Then it's time to add the small glass of wine. Now this is my problem, I have no idea what makes a 'small' glass of wine so I just add the whole of a small bottle of wine, makes my measurements easy. 

So pour in the wine and stir.

At this point your butternut will be ready to come out the oven so put it on the side and get a fork.  

Mash the butternut up - this is going to be added to the risotto. 

It's now time to start adding the stock to the rice, 1 ladle at a time. Keep stirring the rice. This does take around half an hour and you do have to continually keep stirring. 

This is time consuming but it is worth it, takes around half an hour. 

Get a small frying pan and put it on medium head and add a handful of the pine nuts. 

These cook extremely quickly and you need to keep turning them over. Once done pop them in a ramekin - you're going to need these later. 

Once all the stock has been poured into the risotto and it is creamy add the mashed butternut and fold into the risotto with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper to season and give it the taste test, add a little more if needed. 

Now add the parmesan and pine nuts on top and again mix in. 

Your risotto is ready to be served up. 

Top with extra pine nuts and parmesan and enjoy. 

This recipe last around 4 days and I honestly think it is better the next day. Eaten warm or cold it's a perfect pack lunch. 

Do let me know on twitter @katiejaneonline when you make this recipe, I know you're going to love it! 

Butternut Squash Risotto Recipe 

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