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Bobbi Brown Art Stick

I raved about the Bobbi Brown art stick in my May monthly favourites video. The vibrate pink colour is without a doubt my favourite at the moment. Come the weekend I wanted to put the staying power to the test and trail it out for lunch at Knitsley Mill farm shop in Consett. 

The sun was shining but wasn't particularly warm, so I wore my white New Look blazer that I bought last summer and have never worn. 

Which is pretty much the same story about my shoes too. These beauties are from Jimmy Choo and I bought them last summer and they've never been out the box. 

They look beautiful but need wearing in. My feet are in slight pain now from walking in them all day. 

I kept my outfit pretty colourless so my main focus was on my lips. 

Here is what is on my lips, Bobbi Brown lip liner in Raspberry and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Azalea. They are the perfect match. 

So to put the lip combo through the real test I started off by sipping on some white wine. A little bit of the colour did transfer onto the glass but I was reassured by my sister that my lips were still intact and very much pink! 

The on to the food. A cheese soufflé. I was hoping for a Sunday dinner but the lack of veggie gravy I had to go for the soufflé with a salad. 

There was lots of licking my lips making eating my soufflé. 

I really didn't think there is a better way of testing out the staying power of a lip product than drinking wine and eating food. 

And the verdict. 

Well it worked, stayed put throughout the whole meal. A product worth investing if you have a busy day and you want to ensure your lipstick doesn't smudge. 

What lip products do you rely on to stay put all day? 

Shop the post. 

Bobbi Brown Art Stick 

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