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YOLO - Ponteland

I've heard a lot of good things about Yolo in Ponteland - I've even been invited to a few parties there that sadly I've never been able to attend for various reasons. 

Last Tuesday I was over due a catch up with my friend Lou and I thought I would take this opportunity to try YOLO in Ponteland. 

First impression - I love the interior, the exposed brick wall and the cool lighting brings a modern feel to the bar.

There is also a private mezzanine area which can be reserved for up to 34 people seated with a private bar. 

We kicked off our meal with a cocktail, as I had the car I went for a mocktail a Berry delight (£3.95) a long drink that is a mixture of apple and cranberry juice, with sugar syrup, muddled with fresh blueberries, blackberries and raspberries a drizzle of grenadine and a touch of mint. 

Lou went for Disaronno Sour (£6.95), Amaretto, shaken with fresh lemon juice, egg white, angostura bitters and sugar.

The menu was extensive and it took me a long time to decide what to have, did I want a pizza, a vegetable pie or pasta? I think it took me some time as Lou and I were deep in conversation and we were just glancing at the menu between talking.

For a Tuesday night YOLO was fairly busy, it was a lovely evening so locals made use of the warm weather by sitting outside watching the world go by.

When I did eventually make up my mind with what I wanted to order I was not disappointed. However it wasn't the most photogenic.

YOLO's dizzyingly hanging kebab skewer (£10.59). Roasted red peppers, courgette, red onions and halloumi with garlic butter dripping down the kebab hitting a bed of skinny chips.

As good as my meal was, it wasn't the post gracious to eat. Lou and I did have a giggle when I was trying to get part of my kebab from the skewer and the vegetables landed in my chips, so I decided to get a side plate and pop everything on there.

Lou went for a pizza, The YOLO (£12.99 foot long). Lou's pizza was a feast of meats, salami, pork sausage, chicken, red pepper, red pesto topped with fresh rocket. I did get food envy when I saw Lou's pizza as my second choice of food was the vegetable pizza.   

YOLO's pizzas are available in two sizes, 1 foot long and 2 foot long. Lou's pizza looked huge and I thought a 2 foot pizza would have been ideal to share with a few friends.

As we were eating our meal more people were coming into the bar for post work drinks, everyone looked trendy and relaxed.

It might have taken me some time to decide what I wanted for my main course, but pudding, I knew what I wanted straight away.

Mini doughnuts (£5.99), served with chocolate and strawberry dipping sauce and whipped cream. These were amazing but the only thing I was surprised at was the chocolate dip was cold, for some reason I was convinced it would be warm. 

I did get to try Lou's pudding salted caramel and chocolate cheese cake (£5.99). This was divine, light, fluffy and so tasty. 

By the end of our meal I was so full, I needed a break before I could get up and walk to my car.   

I'd love to back to YOLO in Ponteland one Saturday for a few alcoholic cocktails and a large pizza to share with friends. 

YOLO have opened a new bar and restaurant in Newcastle, you can watch my vlog and take a look inside.

YOLO - Ponteland

*I was invited to YOLO for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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