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May Highlights

May has been a funny old month. It's been the first month this year that I haven't been on an aeroplane, which I guess my dream life of traveling at least once a month is well and truly over. But it doesn't mean this month hasn't been any less exciting. 

In Durham this month we've also had some of the best weather I can remember and the worst for May. Why is it we always get a few days where the sun is blissfully shining and then the next few days you need your winter jumpers back out? I just want to sit in the garden drinking champagne. 

Which brings me to my highlights this month. 

Dad's Birthday. My Dad turned 82 this month and we had two celebrations. Firstly we had a family meal at my parents house where we had pre dinner drinks in the garden, not going to lie, it was freezing. But Dad and I persisted. It is May. 

We also went to the new restaurant in Durham, Tapas Factory. Food was excellent and it was so lovely to spent time with my family. 

Filming Youtube Videos Again. I've had a love hate relationship with Youtube, but I've made a commitment to myself to film one video a week. I find it much easier to talk to a camera than I do typing my thought's down via a blog post. If you haven't seen any of my videos you can subscribe here. I post a video every Thursday at 6pm.  

Edinburgh Half Marathon. I've took part in lots of running events but my favourite this month has to be running the half marathon in Edinburgh. With little training this run proved to me that I can actually do something if I put my mind to it. The atmosphere was amazing and I really did love the route. 

^^^Terrible photo I know but it was as soon as I had finished and I just wanted to document truly how happy I was. 

I'm so excited for June, I have a lot of good stuff planned. What were your highlights this month? 

May Highlights

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