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Let's Catch Up...

It feels like such a long time since I've updated you with what has been going on, to tell you the truth I've been so busy but not necessarily done anything worthy to blog. 

So since my last post, eating tapas in the South of Spain I went to Marbella and had a little break there with my parents. 

I had a lovely time catching up with friends and eating my way around all my favourite places in Marbella. 

When I arrived home Matty was also back from work for a few days as he was playing an important role at his best friends wedding. He was going to be best man. 

I loved having Matty home half way through this work trip, before we went to the wedding we went to the Noveltea launch in Newcastle Fenwick, I'm not a tea lover but this stuff is amazing. Basically alcoholic tea. 

I can honestly see Noveltea taking off, kind of like the next Gin, defiantly one to try if you're having a few friends around this summer. 

Once the weekend came it was time to make our way down to Kent with what felt like all of Matty's friends from the North East. 

The wedding was being held at Turkey Mill in Kent the weather was wonderful, the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. 

After the bank holiday it was back to what felt like the longest week at work it fast came Matty's last day at home before he heads back to work. But I couldn't let him leave without a trip to the beach. 

With the added VIP launch of Yolo Townhouse in Newcastle (more of Yolo on KJO later). 

Then after a whirl wind of a trip it seemed to be straight back to work and I had a lot to catch up on. Matty is now back to work and my life is back to normal, I've some how found myself with a place for Edinburgh half marathon later this month which I don't feel physically fit for so there's lots of squashed training going on in my life at the moment. 

Anyway, that's basically what's been going on in the last few weeks. I hope that explains why I've been slightly quiet on the blog but normal service shall now resume. 

Let's Catch Up... 

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