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What To Pack On A Ski Trip

As I had never been skiing before I had absolutely no idea what clothes to take with me. I read every packing list that google had to offer and I searched so many blogs but still felt worried I wasn't going to take enough. 

I went to Morzine in France for 9 days, 8 nights towards the end of March so it wasn't too cold when I was on the slopes. Just to give you an idea of temrpture it was any where between 5 and 26 degrees. The weather seemed to changed at the drop of a hat. 

So here is the luxury girls packing list. 

Starting with what you need to ski - 

Helmet, there is no way I would ski without one. My friend let me borrow her's and it fitted like a glove. I've been searching where to buy one but Salomon have seemed to have discontinued it. 

Goggles, when it was colder I preferred to have my eyes covered. This was down to the wind. Also they were fixed on pretty secure so if I did happen to topple over they wouldn't fall off. 

Sun glasses, on the other hand wearing sun glasses when I was sunny I found nicer than wearing my goggles. So I did carry both with me every day. 

Base layer, I wore a clean one every day. The red one on the photo above was from Aldi and a bargain of £7.99 I had two of these and I also loved my Sweaty Betty top so much that I bought the other style too while I was in Morzine. 

Leggings, so the Aldi leggings didn't quite make the cut I found them rather uncomfortable and extremely tight even though I went for the medium rather than the small which is my usually size. Again the Sweaty Betty ones were my favourites so I bought the style to match my new top. 

Jacket, mine was from The North Face Descendit jacket. Was lovely and warm, in fact sometimes too hot. Next time I go skiing I'm looking at getting a waterproof to go over the top of my base layers and fleeces to keep me cool 

Salopettes, my favourite pair were actually snowboarding pants my friend picked up for me from F+F (Tescos) for £11 in the sale. I'm going to be keeping my eye out there for some more next year. 

Socks, I wore two pairs from a various of places. Aldi, Mountain Warehouse, Go Outdoors and basically took any pair of thick socks I had already. 

Gloves, annoyingly I got my from The North Face at full price for £70 they are now a cracking £35 so if you're planning on going skiing get them now! (Link)

Neck warmer, I used one from Sweaty Betty and one from Berghaus. I found these really usefully for keeping the wind from my neck.  

Sports bras, now not necessarily essential but I found it much easier have my boobs strapped right in.  

I rented my boots, ski's and poles from a rental company but I am planning on buying my own boots during the sale as I loved skiing so much I'll defiantly be spending more time on the slopes.

That's basically the basics which you need to ski with. So the extras to take on the slopes, Matty wore a backpack. As I was learning how to ski people told me it was easier to learn without so he kindly packed the following for me. 

Fleece, most of the bars/cafes are outside on the slopes so having an extra layer to put on came in handy a few times.

Wooly hat, helmet hair was not pretty so pulling a wooly hat over it and hiding it became my go to to hide it. 

Extra gloves. my gloves that I would usually use to go walking with at home. These aren't as bulky and easier to pick up a glass with. 

Small bag of beauty products, now to me this is essential. I had a small bottle of Jo Malone perfume, eye liner, concealer and eye lash curlers - you never know who you might meet on the slopes! 

What else do you need. 

Jeans, I think one pair would be enough. 

3/4 jumpers or shirts, I took way more than this and only wore 3 tops and then it was for only a few hours. 

Down jacket, easy to pack as they fold into nothing and after wearing your ski jacket for more than a little while you'll be glad to be wearing anything else. 

Boots, I took my Dubarry boots but any form of waterproof boots will suffice. 

Swimwear, If you're staying in a chalet with a hot tub or sauna. 

Comfy clothes, once you've spent a day skiing there's nothing better than a hot shower and getting straight into comfortable clothes. I took my Nike tracksuit bottoms and a massive fluffy jumper. And slippers, do not forget your slippers. 

Packing your beauty bag you might want to add some little extras. 

Hair mask, I took Philip Kingsley Elasticizer the mixture of helmet hair and sweat isn't great. 

Magnesium Spray, this bad boy saved my muscles. I use it a lot at home anyway when I can't sleep but while working my legs more than usual while skiing, just before I got into bed I would rub the oil on my calfs and quads and feel so much better the following day. 

Deep heat, same reason. I just took some with me and used it post shower/pre supper.

Fake tan for your face, okay, this might just be me but I didn't wear make up on the slopes,  just my eye make up but I still wanted to have some colour on my face so I would spray a layer of fake tan before I went to sleep just to make myself feel slightly better. 

SPF, you are at high altitude (closer to the sun) most days were blue skies with the sun out. The snow on the floor adds as a reflector so I took factor 50 which I would use on holiday anyway and I wouldn't go skiing without it. Also don't forget a lip balm with SPF in. 

Blister stick, I took this 'just incase' my boots were sore and rubbing me but luckily they were ok. But I'd still take it again on another trip. 

Blister plasters, same reason. I have these all over any way for when I go running so I just grabbed a few more. 

Foot cream, never underestimate the power of a end of day foot rub, especially when your feet have been squished in boots all day.  

Hand Cream, the cold is unforgiving to all of your skin so every night before I went to sleep I smothered my hands in cream to give them a little love. 

Next time I go skiing I would for certain take a foam roller, I do have a travel one but it lives in Spain so I may need to bring it home before my next trip skiing. 

I know there's a lot of information there to take in and ski season is nearly over but maybe bookmark this page for future reference, I know I'll certainly be back to it! 

What To Pack On A Ski Trip

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