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Quentin Blake At Laing Gallery Newcastle

I had an early start on Sunday dropping Matty off at the airport to head back to work for a few weeks. 

It's always an upsetting time and I'm not sure how many times I can be seen crying at Newcastle airport without getting funny looks every time I pass through. 

Come the afternoon I could do with cheering up so I took my little friend Emily to the Laing Art Gallery. Traditionally KJO has been a child free place but Emily is 8 so we did all the children's activities, this post will be through both eyes. 

Just a short walk from Newcastle city centre is the Laing Art Gallery. Emily is a budding artist and is often found drawing pictures for you, it was also Emily's first trip to an art gallery and my first time to Laing Art Gallery. 

It is free to get into Laing Art Gallery however the exhibition we went to did have a small charge, children under 12 are free but adults tickets are £7. 

We went to Quentin Blake's, Inside Stories. 

Quentin Blake is possibly best known as being the artist behind the Roald Dahl stories.

There was also a reading corner full of books that had Quentin Blake's work in. 

This is where I discovered Quentin Blake's illustration book called Clown. Long time readers know that I am dyslexic and couldn't read as a child. Words used to scare me, the book Clown has no words, only pictures. I would have loved this as a child as it gives you the chance to use your own imagination. Perfect for a child like myself who couldn't read very well but loved books. 

Emily pointed at this sign and told me she had watching a programme on CBBC about Michael Rosen's book Sad. She told me about how it was ok to be Sad when someone had passed away and we should remember all the happy times we had with them. Reading the pictures that went with snippets from the book and it really choked me up. 

There was 3 activities to do and Emily and I did all 3. We were there around 2 hours drawing and getting creative

We made book dummies. 

Front covers. 

And character creation. 

Emily is quite the artist, on the other hand, I'm really not. But we laughed a lot, mainly at my terrible drawings. All materials were supplies by Laing Gallery. 

I really enjoyed my first trip to the Laing Gallery and would love to go back, I'm going to keep an eye out to see what other exhibitions they may have. 

Inside Stroies runs until July 8th. Plenty of time to pop down, there is also lots of activities you can take part in which you can see here

But to leave you with food for thought, what does an Illustrator think about? 

You'll find your answer out at the Laing. 

Quentin Blake At Laing Gallery Newcastle 

* I received these tickets complimentary on purpose for review.   

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