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Luncheon at Bettys Harrogate

We have close family friends who live in Harrogate, it's just over an hours drive from Durham and we really don't go down and visit them enough. 

So on Bank holiday Monday Emily and I made our way into North Yorkshire. 

We met up with Andrea at Betty's while her other half looked after the Boys at home. 

There was a short wait for a table. In fact Betty's is the only time I am more than happy to wait for a table. 

As we hadn't seen each other since Christmas the 20 minute wait flew over as we had a lot to catch up on. It's amazing how social media can still make you feel connected to friends from afar but you still miss out on so much. 

Once seated we decided we wanted a treat. Andrea started with Breakfast tea, Emily had a wine and I had water. (So rock n roll). 

The restaurant was so busy as expected on Bank holiday Monday there was a short wait for our food, but like I've said we had a lot to catch up on so the time flew by. 

And the food is always worth the wait. 

I ordered the Haddock, Salmon and Prawn gratin £11.45. 

Flakes of smoked haddock, salmon and prawns in a delicious white wine sauce on a bed of wilted spinach, with a potato rosti and a season breadcrumb topping. 

I inhaled this. It tasted exquisite. Creamy, rich, I will 100% be ordering this again. 

Andrea went Bacon and Raclette rosti £12.00. This is a Swish delicacy, Gruyere cheese and cream, pan-fried with bacon topped with melted Raclette cheese. Very healthy, luckily we neither of us minded the amount of cream and cheese in our meals. 

Emily went for Chicken Schnitzel, £13.50. Chicken with Gruyere cheese coated in Bettys breadcrumbs, pan-fried served with pommes allumettes, mixed with salad leaves and roasted cherry tomatoes. 

The talking didn't stop while our food arrived. We seemed to take it in turns to talk while the others chewed. 

If a UK Bank holiday means anything surely it's BBQs and Ice Cream. As I'd been to a BBQ on Easter Saturday, Monday called for Ice Cream. 

Three scoops of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with homemade raspberry sauce, which to any Northerners that's monkeys blood!! £6.25, Rich, creamy and delightful. 

Andrea tucked into the seasonal Frangipane £4.50, this French speciality with seasonal fruit and almond frangipane on a sweet pastry base with preserve. 

I also had a delicious homemade strawberry milshake £3.75 and Emily had a Banana milkshake.

Once we'd finished up our food we made our way into the shop at the front of the restaurant that sell delicious Betty's treats. We bought edible presents for the boys and took back a cake for Dad.   

Look at this incredible egg in the front window. 

Now that is a Easter egg I could have demolished!! 

Have you been to Bettys before? I'm pretty sure I've visited them all now. 

Luncheon at Bettys Harrogate

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