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Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

This is without a doubt my favourite cake to bake, I love Lemon drizzle cake but my Dad loves it even more. Therefore I love baking this cake for him. He usually shares it with my Grandma and neighbours. That makes me happy when you make something and share it with your loved ones.

It is super easy to make but you will need.

225g of caster sugar,
225g of unsalted butter,
225g of self-raising flour (sifted),
4 eggs,
Zest of 1 and a half lemons.

And for the drizzle you will need.

Juice of 2 lemons,
85g of caster sugar.

Before you start turn your oven to 180oc and line your loaf tin with grease proof paper.

Soften your butter and beat with the sugar until it is it has a creamy constancy.

Then add your 4 eggs. With my kitchen aid I find it best to break the eggs into a separate bowl then add them as the beater is moving. Make sure to add the eggs slowly, one at a time and make sure they blend in well.

Add the sifted flour into the bowl and mix through.

Then add the lemon zest and mix until well blended through.

Grab a ladle and spoon your mixture into your loaf time and pop it in the oven for 45 minutes. Take a skewer and place into the centre of the cake, as long as this comes out clean it's ready. If not pop it back in for 5 minutes and then test again.

While your cake is baking, mix the lemon juice and your 85g of sugar together to create your icing.

Once your cake is ready take the skewer and put lots of little holes all over the cake. I have to say this is my favourite bit. Then pour your icing all over and leave to cool.

And there you have the perfect lemon drizzle cake.

Cut yourself a slice, grab a folk and enjoy. 

When you make your lemon drizzle cake don't forget to tag me in your instagram photo @katiejaneonline

Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe

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