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Fish & Chips at Colmans - South Shields

Fish and Chips is a good old British meal, it's in the same league as the classic Sunday lunch, Afternoon Tea and Eton Mess. 

As a child on a Friday my Dad would come home from work with a carrier bag full of this British delight. Along with lots of bread and butter and Dad would always wash his fish and chips down bizarrely with a cup of tea.

Colmans is on the famous Ocean Road in South Shields and has been going for generations. I've lost count of how many people have recommend Colmans to me. 

Last Saturday the weather was amazing, the sun was shining and it was really hot so naturally Emily and I made our way to the seaside. 

I've been to Colmans lots of times. One of mine and Matty's favourite thing to do is get a take away from Colmans and eat it while looking out to sea. 

But this time Emily and I were eating in the restaurant. It was super busy, no bookings are taken at Colmans so there was a short wait for a table in the restaurant when we arrived and there was a huge queue for the takeaway.

We didn't have to wait long before our table was ready. I knew straight away what I wanted but Emily took a little longer to decide. 

Although the restaurant was heaving there was plenty of staff on hand to ensure  you never felt rushed or waited long to be served. 

I went for the Prime Cod £8.25 which of course chips and I ordered a side portion of homemade Mushy Peas £1.20. 

Just looking at these pictures is making me want to go back! The cod was so tasty. I added salt and vinegar to the chip with a dollop of tomato sauce on the side. 

Emily went for Colmans famous hand prepared Scampi £19.95. 

Locally caught Langoustine tails cooked in Colmans secret recipe batter. Served with salad, chips and tartar sauce. I got to try one and they were delicious. One to add to my list of things to order from the menu. 

I washed my fish and chips down with a can of tango while Emily went for a cider. 

Although the restaurant was busy we weren't rushed off our table once we'd finished our food. Emily and I chatted, finished our drinks and headed for a stroll along the sea front. 

The only problem with Colmans is the restaurant is only open from 11am till 6pm. Perfect for lunch time and early evening diners but not so great if like me you prefer having your supper at around 8pm. 

Colmans are opening a new restaurant also in South Shields on the Sea road coming the middle of May. 

Colmans Seafood temple, serving locally caught seafood along with being host to a cocktail and Oyster bar. I can't wait till the Seafood temple is open, I can already tell it's going to be a big hit and somewhere I'll frequent a lot this summer. 

Have you been to Colmans yet? I can't wait to take my parents to the Seafood temple, I know they are going to love it. 

Fish & Chips at Colmans - South Shields 

*My meal at Colmans was complimentary purpose of review. 

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