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The Day I Learnt How To Ski - Morzine

The title of this post is very tongue in cheek, it should read "The day I took to the slopes and didn't fall over". I'm sure there is plenty of time to be spent on my bum to come. 

So if you don't follow me on instagram (@katiejaneonlie) I'm currently in Morzine, the south east of France with Matty and Eleanor for my first ski holiday. 

Learning how to ski was on my list of '30 before I'm 30'. When I was at school there was a ski trip and every year I would (actually) beg my parents to go and every year they said no. But it was always at the back on my mind, learning to ski was something I wanted to do. 

When Matty and I first met one of our first conversations was about how I wanted to learn how to ski and we talked about going to a ski slope within the UK. Which we did, after we booked up on this holiday. We went to Snowzone in Castleford  We did a 2 hours private lesson, I was good at staying up right but not so good at stopping.

Before arriving at Morzine, Matty did book us 3 hour for a private lesson - which we took this morning. From this lesson my confidence grew. However, the first time I went down the nursery slope (it was rather steep) I was about ready to give up and say 'I'll be at the bar, see you guys when you're done' 

This blog post is going to be about the emotions I felt today - which by the way if you're wondering is EVERY SINGEL EMOTION KNOWING TO MAN!!! 

No joke. 

So it started off with an early wake up call (Matty's horrific alarm) getting into our gear and heading to breakfast (more about our Chalet later). We had a scrumptious breakfast and Jonathan (who is also staying in our Chalet) kindly took us to our meeting point for our first lesson. 

Pierre, our instruction took me under his wing, I told him I was scared and he put me at complete ease. However my first run down the nursery slope was almost my last. I just had my skis on (no poles) and was basically holding on to him for dear life. However towards the end I felt better as I had managed to control my speed and stopping. We went down the nursery slop a further 3 times, while Matty and Eleanor was pros by this point. 

Once I'd mastered the art of stopping and moving we made our way to the start of a Blue slope, which I've been lead to believe is the slopes go Green, blue, red and black in diffuctlitcfe. 

One the lift to my first blue I said a pray, first to my god then secondly to any god that may be listening!! 

On the lift, I couldn't believe how beautiful the mountains really were. 

Breath taking. 

I went down the start of my blue slope with just me and the instructor. It was going so well, until I went off the beaten track and I couldn't manoeuvre myself back. I felt the tears well up in my eyes, which were shielded by my sunglasses and I decided there and then - crying will get me no where, I needed to dig deep find my confidence and just go for it. 

Which I did. 

And I made it down my first green slope without any help. 

When I snow ploughed to see Matty and Eleanor I might as well had won the lottery the way I felt. It was like feeling on top of the world, which judging by the views I was. 

I did this run once more before retiring to the pub to call my Dad and to let Matty and Eleanor to have some time with the instructor. 

This was the view as I spoke to my father - he is the only person I know would appreciate it with me and who I really wanted there.

I met the others as they had finished their red run and I went down the green slope again before getting the chair lift back to the top. Half way down the second time Pierre told me he was off as he had to meet his next client. So there I was on peist, on my own (with the others), scared to death again. I managed to make it down the steep hill about 100 meters away from where I wanted to be, but I stopped, on my own and waved my poles in the air to show the others how proud I was of myself. 

We deiced to get the chair lift back to the town, where the bars where to have our pack lunch and a drink. Which is where I had a MASSIVE melt down. (Post these photos!!). 

At the end of this slop was a massive drop. I freaked right out, Matty stayed with me, tired to calm me down (which didn't work) so he suggested we took our ski's off and walk down the side. Which we did till we were over the steep bit and we popped them back on for the 'flatter' bit. 

So imagine my delight when I reached the end it was lunch time and this was my reward!! 

A glass of chilled white wine, a cheese sandwich, blue skies, white snow and my friends. I was living the dream! 

The tunes were playing, the chatter was going and the sun was shining. It was heaven on earth. 

Until we decided to talk about how we would actually get down. 

So after a little break we looked at getting home. Going down the nursery slope again. At this point I need to tell you my confidence was shot, I ate my lunch completely shaking. So I had calmed down at this point but my ski confidence was a distance memory. 

I came down the nursery slop and basically sat down there (just before the blue slope started) while Matty went and look for an alternative route home that didn't involve me going down a blue run. Here is where I took a few work calls and catch up on my 'overwellment' of it all. 

Eleanor decided to do one more run where Matty and I decided (for my benefit only) to do a few more runs down the nursery runs before retring to the bar where we went for lunch. 

There's a music festival here at the moment so there's lots of skiers and boarders holding on for the event. 

Lying there was so hot I could have been back in the Carribean. 

Matty and I chilled out here with our home device of chilling wine. 

Eleanor came and joined us shortly after. 

We stayed here for 2 drinks, chatting about how the day went, how much our boots were hurting us and how the hell I was going to get down. 

After 2 glasses of wine and another work phone call or 2 Matty and I were ready to head back to the chalet. Thankfully he came back the baby way with me while Eleanor headed back the blue route. 

We made it safely back to the lifts - I had survived my first day skiing without falling over and mastering the art of stopping. I could't have been happier. I do need a lot more lessons but I might not be able to do them this trip!

I started to write this post while me and the rest of the chalet watched the movie 'Chalet girl' however the wifi isn't the best so everyone is now in bed. I'm hoping tomorrow I'm going to go down the nursery slope a few more times before heading off anywhere adventures. 

I'll keep you posted with what happens through the week. 

Wish me luck!! 

The Day I Learnt How To Ski - Morzine

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