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The Day I Got My Confidence Back - Morzine

Yesterday was my second ski lesson with Ian from Avoriaz Alpine Ski School (The same place where Pierre works). And I have to say my confidence came whizzing back. I was also suffering with ear ache and a terrible bad throat. I was determined not to let anything stop me from skiing. 

Ian took me down 3 blue runs and a few greens. I managed to parallel turn and parallel stop! All in a two and a half hour lesson. 

^^^At the end of my first steep blue run. I then managed it again. I was uber happy. 

It was still pretty cloudy at the top of the mountain and when I first started my lesson the visibility wasn't great.

Ian took me back to meet Matty and Eleanor and we went for lunch at Le Yeti. 

As a post lesson treat, Matty had gone to the pharmacy for me and stock up on cold medicine, which I've been taking since. 

While we were say having our lunch we heard someone shout Matty's name. It's so bizzare when you see friends from home in another country. 

I enjoyed my vegetable crepe but eating outside your food gets cold pretty quick and I am a dreadfully slow eater. 

Naturally I had a hot chocolate to make sure I was fully warmed up. 

The clouds were slowly starting to lift and Matty and I went off to practice what I had learnt on my lesson. 

I skied down my favourite blue/green run before getting the chair lift back to the top of the green. 

Do you remember on the first day when I freaked out at the top of the massive drop? Well yesterday I managed to ski down said drop...TWICE! 

^^^This is the horrible slope but I managed to get down! 

I also made it down to the cable car (which is at the bottom of another steep blue!) So naturally after all my hard work I had to reward myself with something. 

I rang my Dad to tell him how I had progressed and how I might have to move here to perfect my skiing. 

After my glass of vin, Matty and I head back to the chalet for a mega nap. Skiing drains you mentally and emotionally so I slept like a log! 

As Wednesday is our chalet staff night off we headed into town for some well earned pizza. We went to Tyrolien, Jonathan who is also staying in our chalet joined us. 

Morzine was lit up like a winter wonderland on the evening. It was so pretty - I just needed some snow on the ground and it really would feel like it was Christmas. 

We had a feast. 

All washed down by champagne - what do you expect, I'm in France. 

We met up with the others from our chalet and went for a glass of Champagne. Before we walked home and ending with a nightcap in the bar. 

Day's don't get much better than this. 

Getting My Confidence Back 

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