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The Day I Finally Fell Over - Avoriaz

I'm going to take you all back to Friday. Thanks to my parents (who paid for me to have another lesson) I met up with Ian again from Avoriaz Alpine and we took to the slopes. It did take me 2 or 3 goes again on the nursery training slope before I remembered where to put my feet/weight but I managed it and we went off and did a few blues and my confidence was gained again. 

If you are coming to Morzine and are wanting lessons I can really recommend Avoriaz Alpine ski school. Pierre and Ian were so lovely and really patient with me and I would 100% have private lessons with them both again. 

Once I'd met up with the others again we headed to Le Yeti for lunch and a glass of vin. They really wanted to head back into town but I really felt like I'd just mastered the art of skiing so really didn't want to leave. So just before we went on the cable car to head back into Morzine, I managed to convince them to do a blue run with me. Now I must have been feeling super brave because I'd never done this blue run before and it was steep (for me) and rather busy. But I did it! And ironically enough I manage the steep bit absolutely fine but I fell almost at the bottom. There's been a standing joke this trip as I haven't fallen over the whole time I've been here and the others have done multiple times a day. I felt myself falling and rather than trying to refine my balance I kind of just sat down. Matty said it was the most graceful fall which I was glad as that's the kind of skier I want to be. Graceful, elegant and all the other nice words you want to see from a skier. 

^^^Before the blue run. 
^^^When I fell over.

However when I made it to the bottom I felt like an actual champion! 

So of course I HAD to do it again. I wasn't going to let my only blue run I'd ever done one my own be the one where I fell over. 

This time I gave Matty my camera and sent him ahead and made him get some photos of me making my way down the slope. 

Still in mid flow, I kept going for the photo opportunity. 

I have my Mam and Dad to thank for that run, for without my final lesson I'm not sure I would have made it. 

After 2 runs down the blue I did deiced that enough was enough and made my way down the cable car. We went back to the chalet for a shower and to get changed as we were to make our way into Morzine town.

We went to see my friend Lindsay - who is working in a snowbording shop, way cooler than i will ever be able to shop in. It was really nice to catch up with her. We then decided to go for a wander where I went to a shop to get my father a small gift and we then 'fell' into an apres ski bar. 

I say fell because Jonathan - who was staying at our chalet earlier in the week told us about this bar; Le Templin. (Jonathan if you are reading this - thank you so much we had the best time!). 

We stood outside watching the skiers making their way down the red local run and often crashing into the barrier just before the bar, where the whole bar would cheer in excitement. 

After our first drinks T and M (also from our chalet) came and joined us. 

We danced and drank the later afternoon away, before it was time to head home and get our supper. 

On the way home, I picked up two bottles of wine as the wine we got in the chalet was, well, like vinegar. 

Of course, after we had a few drinks out I was in the mood to PARty!! So after supper I managed to convince Matty we needed to head out with the rest of our chalet staff and make our way into Morzine. 

We headed to Beanies and then after that, my memory gets rather blurry. But I do remember walking back home with our chalet girl, Izzy laughing our heads off and trying to walk back up the stairs as Matty tired to carry us up. 

Now, I'm not sure what happened after Beanies, but I remember Izzy and I vaguely getting removed out of one bar, as it was too full and telling her numiouers times that I would not be turning up for breakfast. 

Saturday - I didn't make it to breakfast. In fact I didn't get out of bed till 11. Izzy on the other hand chalet girl'd and made it to work for 8. (If you haven't seen the move Chalet girl it a must see before any ski holiday!!). 

I rolled out of bed came up to our living room and saw random bodies lying around various sofas, yes I did know them all and no I wasn't sober enough to ask if they were ok. After pulling myself kind of round I made my way outside and lied across the top of our hot tub. (the cover was over) and I laid in the sun for around an hour before we headed into town for lunch. 

Carwyn, Oli, Izzy, Matty, Eleanor and I went to Hakka for some lunch. 

And of course a glass of Champagne - what makes you bad, makes you better. Or at least it does in theory. 

The weather was glorious and it was easy to forget that you were in the French Alps and not in the South of France mid summer. 

After having a lazy day we wrote off skiing completely and took to the slopes again on Sunday. 

Sunday was the day my confidence grew and grew. I just constantly went down the same blue slope as the visibility wasn't that great. But I was so proud of myself.

I'm now home from my ski trip, but I have one more post to come about Morzine. If you haven't already guessed I absolutely loved it! 

The Day I Finally Fell Over - Avoriaz

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