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Skincare Run Down

You have no idea how many times I look back through blog posts and think to myself, "wow I love my make up on this photo" or "my skin looks ace what was my routine then" and of course I never document my make up or skincare but I'm determined to change all that. 

So here we have my current skincare run down. 

So I think the best place to start this blog post is at the first step of my routine and as the list of products go down I realise that the photo is in absolutely no order what so ever. I'll try harder next time. 
1. Garnier - Micellar cleansing water. On an evening I take 2 cotton pads (the large oval ones from Asda are my favourite!) and I pop a few drops on each and then press over my eyes and then wipe away. I do like a heavy eye make up through the day so it usually takes a bit of an effort for me to remove it all. 

2. Clinique - Take the day. This one is on it's last legs and I managed to leave my full tub in the hotel bathroom in London (well done KJ) but this stuff is excellent at taking the majority of my make up off and I use it every evening as my first cleanse. 

3. Ren - Clarifying clay cleanser. Used as my second cleanse on an evening when I feel like I may be getting a blemish. I do occasionally get a spot on my skin so I use this to try an prevent them.  

4. Liz Earl - Cleanse and polish. I've had a long time love for this cleaners. The thick cream I just love spreading this all over my face. An evening or morning cleanse I use it for both. 

5. Oskia - Renaissance cleansing gel. My 3rd bottle of this so I think you could say it has a firm place on my skincare shelf. It comes out the bottle like a gel and then applies like an oil on the skin. I use this when I fancy as a second cleanse on an evening. 

6. Elemis - Sensitive cleansing wash. This product has been in my life since my school days. My mother is a huge Elemis fan and if my bank balance would allow I would have a lot more Elemis products in my life. This is a box fresh bottle and I use this almost every morning. Absolutely love this stuff! 

7. Pixi - Glow tonic. Once I've patted dry my skin I take another cotton disk and apply the tonic and wipe over my face and neck. I use this every other morning then pretty much every evening. 

8. La Roche-posay - Seroznic. My all time favourite toner. I used to wish to get a work trip to France just so I could stock up on this then a few months ago I found that they sold it in Boots! I use this morning and night. 

9. Pixi - Glow mist. I bought this when my Seroznic ran out a few months ago. I use it sometimes over my make up when I feel like my skin might need a little pick me up. 

10. Nspa - Youthful eye cream. There's a story behind my Nspa products. I was staying at my boyfriends house when I went to get my skincare bag and it was missing which caused me to go into a blind panic. I was prepared to head home when he said he would take me to Asda to get some stuff (my cleansers were already at his) so I picked up just the bare essentials and since then I think the eye cream actually rocks. (The following morning I found all my skincare was in the boot of my car *eye roll emoji here*). 

11. La Roche-posay - Effaclar. This is a miracle in a tube. I use it on a morning post my toner routine. 

12. Estee Lauder - New dimension shape + fill expert serum. A new addition to my routine on an evening.  Post toner I take a pump of this and layer it before heading to the Advanced night repair. 

13. Estee Lauder - Advanced night repair. My 4th bottle and I can't see myself without this in the future, again I use this on an evening. I use 5 drops of this and soothe all over my face. 

14. Clarins - HydraQuench cream. If my skin is feeling particularly dry (which it has been since returning from the cruise) I pop this on as the last part of my skincare routine on a morning. 

15. Nspa - Ever youthful day cream. On the other hand when my skin isn't feeling dry I use this on a morning and when it runs out I will 100% be repurchasing. 

16. Elemis - Exotic cream moisturising mask. Confession time, I don't use this as a mask but more as a treatment. My eyes get incredibly dry therefore sometimes I apply a layer and leave over night and I wake up pretty much with the dry patch cleared. 

Now on to the good stuff, my sheet mask collection. 

1. Estee Lauder - Advanced night repair concentrated recovery poweroil mask. I actually swear by this mask. I only have one left and I am saving to use it before a wedding I am going to in April. If you ever need an emergency skin pick me up this mask is your answer. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury - Instance magic facial dry sheet mask. One mask has three uses and it kind of put me off a little that you can us it over make up (I haven't actually done this) but it seems to work ok once I've done my skincare routine. It's just a simple quick pick me up for the top surface of your skin. 

There you have my skincare run down. I am by no means a beautician or know any science behind any of these products but they work for me. 

What's on your skincare shelf at the moment? 

Skincare Run Down 

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