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New Covent Garden Soup Of The Month - Creamy Leek and Cheddar

Soup is without a doubt my 'go to' working lunch. 

As someone who seems to be cold all the time - especially in the office I always like a lunch that I know is going to warm me up. 

Even though Spring is truly in the air it is still rather cold outside. This morning I spent most of my day outside in an industrial estate so by the time I made it home for lunch I was stone cold and partially damp so I needed something to warm me up. 

New Covent Garden soup is always my soup of choice, within the carton you get two portions of soup that covers me for two lunches at work as I don't share food. 

There is lots of flavours available, one of my favourites is slow roasted tomato, I like to add some grilled halloumi to it just to add some extra flavour. 

For the purpose of this blog post I opted to try Covent Garden's soup of the month which throughout the month of March has been creamy leek and cheddar. I popped in to Sainsbury's at Durham, grabbed the soup and a stick of french bread. 

I wasn't planning on sharing my baguette either as since getting home from Morzine I'm missing the excessive amounts of cheese and crusty bread. 

Heating the soup up only took 2 and a half minutes and voila, lunch is served. 

Steamy hot delicious soup with some crusty bread. The perfect quick and warming lunch just what I needed. 


What is your easy 'go to' lunch? 

New Covent Garden Soup Of The Month - Creamy Leek and Cheddar 

*I received the soup purpose of review. Opinions remain my own. 

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