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CrossEye's Newcastle

During my time in the Carribean (feels like so long ago now!) I had some super new sunglasses that not only helped me read my book in the sun they also protected my eyes from any UV raise. 

My whole family wear glasses - well apart from my mother who had an operation on her eyes a few years ago. I don't need glasses but I do have some prescribed to me, I usually wear my glasses when I'm reading a book or I've been on a computer for a long time. 

CrossEyes is based in Newcastle on High Bridge Street.  Their store is uber fashionable and is unlike any opticians I'd visited before. 

I booked in for an eye test via their website which was so easy. 

Tim CrossEyes resident optician put me at ease during the eye test. I was slightly worried that my eyes may have worsened since my last visit but I was surprised to hear that they had actually improved. 

All the frames at CrossEyes were really stylish and comfortable to wear and there were a lot to choose from. Thanks to Tim and the lovely Rebecca I did manage to narrow it down to 3 pairs then to 1. 

These lovely tortoise shell frames. 

I really think they suited the shape of my face. 

It really didn't take long for my glasses to be ready and rather than just getting ordinary glasses I got some sunglasses! When I popped them on in the sun for the first time I couldn't believe how clear how every thing was and I think I told my Mam this more than once as she kept saying "I know, you've said". 

The cost of a single vision pair of glasses starts from £145 and depending on the strength you need in your glasses the price goes up to £195. For the cost to make them into sunglasses is an extra £20. All other prices can be found here

As someone who has glacoma in my family I do recommend you go and get your eyes tested at least every 2 years. There is nothing to be scared of from an eye test. As I am dyslexic the hardest part I always find is when I'm given a bit of text to read out and I panic as my reading out loud (without at least reading through it once) is absolutely terrible. But I told Tim this and he told me not to worry about it at all, he just wanted to ensure that the prescription was the best for me.

When was the last time you had your eyes tested? 

CrossEye's Newcastle

*I received my glasses complimentary for purpose of review.  

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