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Cheese and Wine In Avoriaz

To put you in perspective of how I was feeling today - it was ill. I have a cold, a sore throat, my nose is blocked and I have ear ache. So yeah, I've felt better. 

Matty and I had a lazy morning and didn't make it up the slopes till after half 12. We've been getting there usually around half 9ish. But I needed a lie in. 

The weather was stunning, slightly too hot for the snow as it started melt a little. 

My legs were aching, in hindsight I should have given skiing a miss completely but I really wanted to practice what I had learnt yesterday so I did my usually easy route. But my legs just weren't working or going in the direction my brain was telling them. 

Matty could obviously see this and suggested it was time for a hot chocolate. 

We stopped off at a dairy farm which my instructor Ian yesterday told me this place was good. 

It really was. 

Before we had chocolate Matty had order us a plate of cheese and some red wine. The cheese, butter and milk all came from the cows on the farm it tasted so good!! 

Rag and Bone man was preforming in a mountain close by and we could here the tunes but rather than being squashed in with everyone else at the concert we had this view. 

What more could you want really? 

I went straight back to the chalet and slept all afternoon till supper and I'm heading for an early night. I've got an early start tomorrow and have my third lesson. 

Wish me luck!! 

Cheese and Wine In Avoriaz 

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