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Boat Yard - Barbados

Around a 5 minute taxi ride from the ship lies a beach with a lively atmosphere, The Boat Yard! 

I'm sure you know the drill by now. White sand and warm blue sea.

There were lots of stuff to play on in the sea which was a short swim out. 

Now here's the thing. I'm absolutely terrified of sea. I'm ok till about my knees then after that I don't want to get in any further. But I really wanted to go on the trampoline which was a little bit further away that I am comfortable with. 

So I did what any girl who is about to face a challenge does. 

I fixed my ponytail and went in. 

Taking lots of deep breaths and swimming like hell to get to my destination. I did get extremely panicky at one point, but I just kept taking deep breaths. 

And then. 

I made it. 

Yes that is me standing up on the yellow and blue ring which was a huge trampoline. 

It was such an amazing feeling that I managed to actually make it without completely freaking out so I rewarded myself with a drink - naturally. 

One frozen pina colada and I sat in the sun taking in what I had actually done. 

Then I was reminded by my stomach that it was lunch time. Mam and I made our way up to the Boat Yard restaurant and put in an order of a prawn wrap to share. 

The food at the Boat Yard is reasonably priced and is very good as are the cocktails. 

As it was happy hour the cocktails were on 2 for 1 and after these 2 I was starting to feeling extremely tipsy. So an afternoon nap was most certainly on the cards. 

I fell asleep in a busy beach in Barbados where the sun was shining and no one had a care in the world. 

I woke up to the sun setting and it almost being time for me to head back to the UK. 

I don't have any plans as of yet to head back to the Caribbean, but I will. I don't know when or whether it will be on a cruise ship or not but one thing is for sure the Caribbean is one of my happy places in the world and I love it. The people, the food, the islands everything is just so special. 

This is my last Caribbean cruise post. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my time there. 

Till next time Barbados. 

Boat Yard - Barbados

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