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A Day In The Clouds - Morzine

I woke up yesterday morning aching all over but more in my calfs than anywhere else. I reluctantly got out of bed and rolled into the shower to get ready for my second day on the slopes. 

Heading up to the mountain in the cable cars you could hardly see the top as it seemed to be under a blanket of clouds. It was considerably colder today so I was wrapped right up. 

As planned we all headed to the nursery slope just so I could practice again. My legs were killing and I couldn't managed to control my turns like I had yesterday but decided to still give the blue/green run ago that we did yesterday with the instructor. 

Half way down. It all went horribly wrong. I just couldn't turn or control where I was traveling. My legs were shaking as was the rest of my body. I had managed to go off the run into the soft snow and sort of jump back on the run (without falling over). Now I'd be overly impressed with this but it was a miracle I didn't fall over as I didn't intend to do any of that. So I just stood in the middle of the run and cried. I told Matty I just wanted to go home and give up. 

He managed to convince me to just have a short rest and ski to the bottom. Which I did. I sat down there while Eleanor and Matty did a run or two. I was so miserable. I had a little bit of work today which kept my mind occupied but I was so over skiing.  

^^^ Matty and Eleanor making it look easy.

Getting the chair lift back into the town meant I had to go down the steep hill. Where I lost my confidence yesterday. I tried to just snow plough my way down but I was so frightened I just gave up.  

We all went for a hot chocolate at The Cross Skis and had a bite to eat. 

I stayed there listing to the live music while the others went off.

So far on this trip I've learnt not to come on a ski trip if everyone you're with can ski. I feel so embarrassed that I can't do it. I've booked myself into a private 2 and a half hour lesson tomorrow. I'm thinking mainly so the others can go off and have a few runs without being stopped by me. But hopefully I'll be well rested by then and I might have some kind of feeling in my legs again. 

Just to put it into perspective at how cold it was. This was Matty before we had our food. 

After the others came back to me we were all ready to go home so I managed to ski back to the cable car. 

I'm now back in the chalet, all nice and warm again. I'm going to jump on the foam roller and then go in the sauna. Hopefully my legs will be feeling refreshed for tomorrow (when this post will be published) and my lesson will go super well. 

Day 2 on the slopes - disaster. 

A Day In The Clouds - Morzine

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