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What I Wore Onboard Britannia - 2017

Last year you may remember I did a similar post and I’m not going to lie I found it so handy for me to look back this year to see what kind of outfits I put together last year. If you are struggling with what to take on a cruise here is what I wore on an evening. 

The first night I went out for dinner in the close I travelled in as our suitcases didn’t arrive at the room in time for us to change before we went out. However even if they had I would probably have been far too tired to get changed. But to save your eyes from seeming my tired face we’ll start on night two. 

Night 2. Black tie. 

Night 3. Casual night - tropical theme. 

Night 4. Casual night. 

Night 5. Black tie. 

Night 6. Casual night. 

Night 7. Casual night. 

Night 8. Casual night. 

After a long day in Mustique Emily and I decided to give dinner a miss. 

Night 9. Casual night. 

Unfortunately I was intoxicated to attend dinner. 
Night 10. Casual night. 

Again the excitement of being on a cruise I forgot to take a picture. 

Night 11. Black tie 

Night 12. Casual night.

Night 13. Casual night. 

Night 14. Casual night. 

Quite a few photos missing but I hope this gives you a good idea what to wear. If you have a fancy frock a cruise is a perfect opportunity to show it off. 

What I Wore Onboard Britannia - 2017

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