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St Maarten - My Favourite Island

St Maarten is absolute my favourite island. This is my fourth visit.  

Arriving here is the best feeling. I instantly feel the excitement in my bones. There is shopping, water sports, bars, restaurants and the most perfect beaches. 

The smallest island in the world to be owned by two countries. One half is French and the other half is Dutch. I'm going to tell you about my time spent in the Dutch side. 

We got off the ship early as there was a whooping 5 ships in port and we wanted to spend out time in the shops and the best deals to be made in the Caribbean are first thing on a morning! 

Making our way to the town whee the shops are is literally the street behind the beach. 

We spent our day as a family dipping in and out the shops until hunger struck. I'm not sure if it was hunger or more boredom on my behalf as I was starting to get sick of shopping and looking at diamonds (I can't believe I've just admitted that!!). 

This seems to be our favourite little cafe in St Maarten as I think I've visited them once before so knew the food was good. Saveurs De France is just off the Old street. It is a typical French style cafe. 

Just what we needed to recharge ready for an afternoon of wandering. 

Remember last year I told you all about That Yoda Guy? Well he's still there.

Eventually my family started dropping like flies and made their way back to the ship. First was my Dad then my sister. Leaving just Mam and I on the island. 

We made our way to the beach front where we strolled up and down before going back to Pirates like we did last year. 

We sat on the same table and the same miserable barman was there serving drinks. 

Watching the sun go down on my favourite part of the Caribbean. 

We stayed in St Maarten until 10pm when we set sail for our final destination of my Caribbean adventure. 

St Maarten - My Favourite Island

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