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Today was an early start. Our alarm went off at 7:15 and we left the ship in St Vincent at 8:20 today we had something super exciting planned. 

We were all going to the Island of Mustique for the day. The island is loved by the rich and famous, Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger and Bryan Adams among many other famous names have houses on the island. We got on a motor boat and set off on our hour and a half journey. Now I’m usually pretty good on small boats but the last half an hour of this boat trip was not my finest at all. In fact I lay on my mothers lap while she put her hand on my shoulder for at least 10 minutes. 

When we arrived in Mustique I had never been so happy to see land in my whole life. I made a bee line to Basil’s bar for some ginger ale. Apparently ginger is excellent for sea sickness. Once I felt normal again I couldn’t get over just how pretty the beach next to Basil’s bar was. 

It really was my idea of paradise. 

There are 3 taxi’s on the island and once one came free we hopped in for a tour. We were shown around the tiny island by Jonny who was one of the 200 people who are from the island. He showed us all the incredible houses. 

I found it really amusing that Tommy Hilfigers gardner was wearing one of his polo shirts. 

^^^Actual Tommy Hilfigers house. 

We were taken to the 2 beaches on the island. Macaroni beach was my favourite,  it's where I decided I was going to become a full time pirate, I’m going to live from the island and just drink rum all day. 

And of course making friends with the locals. 

Sadly my dream was short lived when my Mam called me over to see what my Dad was doing. 

My Dad and sister were feeding a touriuse with a banana my Dad had in his backpack. The tortoise was eating the banana out of their hands. It was amazing. We left the banana on the grass and the tortoise followed my Dad. It was incredible to watch. 

Our island tour lasted an hour and when it was over I was extremely hungry. There are 3 restaurants on the islands. Basil’s bar, Lisa’s and one in the mountains that didn’t have a name. Lisa’s restaurant didn’t even have a menu you just got what was given - incredibly Caribbean. We ate at Basil’s bar. 

My meal started with a vodka tonic looking out to sea. 

Then I think I had the most expensive past dish I’d ever had, crab Al Forno with truffle oil at $42 which Mam also ordered. 

It did taste absolutely delicious and I would definatly have it again. 

Dad ordered the chicken curry with coconut and red bean rice $24. 

And last but not least Emily ordered the chicken roti that came with chips and the most tasty mango chutney $27. 

After lunch I went for a little wonder. Just to the fish market where the fishermen were playing dominos, so I left them too it. 

I walked along the sand which was so soft my feet just melted in, the water was clear as crystal and warm. I honestly though if I was going to live anywhere in the wilderness this is where I wanted to do it. I stretch my towel out and caught the last few mintuets of sun shine before I had to get back on the dreaded boat. 

Mustique - I am truly envious of anyone who get’s to visit you more than once in their life time and even more so of the people who live on the island with 3 police men where there’s never been any crime. I would absolutely love to see you again, but next time I’d like to arrive by plane. 


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