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BB's Restaurant - Grenada

We arrived in Grenada to a cloudy welcome. Grenada is known as the Spice Island. I have been to Grenada last year and we decided to do pretty much the same as we did last year. 

The market in Grenada  is full of women selling spices. We went there and bought some spices to take back home. The market is like no place I’ve ever been. It’s full of locals chatting, children running around and lot’s of people hustling. It’s not exactly my favourite place in the world. It’s not that I didn’t feel unsafe it’s just a very strange place to go. 

We collected our island favours and went for a little wonder. The same as last year the island is covered in yellow, red and green flags as on February 4th it is Grenada’s Independence day. 

Making our way to the water front we walked through the most dangerous tunnels ever. The Sedall tunnel build in 1894 by the British in honour of the Islands Governor Sir Walter Sedall, traffic went one way and the pedestrians went the other way. But sitting by the water watching the world pass by was some how strangely peaceful.

Following on our trip from last year we booked a table at BB’s Crabback. While browsing the menu I had a pinacolda where the coconut pieces kept getting stuck in my straw. We had a view of the water front where there was some nice yachts on standby and some of the crew in BB’s having their lunch. 

We got a bottle of wine to share and Emily got this snap of me over looking the water - it is so peaceful just watch the waves lap against the shore. 

To start we share a Crabback, fresh crab meat baked with exotic herbs, wine and cheese sauce with warm bakes. If you ever find yourself at BB’s promise me you will order this starter - just to get a taste. It was absolutely exquisite. 

For main course Emily tucked into a meaty Mia, fresh breast of home grown chicken, marinated in herbs and spices cooked in coconut oil and served on a cushion of sweet potato and caribbean ham mash.

Where Mam, Dad and I went for the same dish. 

King prawns Seretse, The prawns are cooked in butter with lobster sauce and served with fresh mangos. The dish was so tasty and the mangos were incredible. 

The prawns came with rice and beans that we shared and Emily got some pumpkin fritters and planton. 

BB's restaurant is covered in people writing all over the walls so of course we had to leave a little message. We always trust Emily to this however she has failed both times. Last year she signed the wrong year and this trip she signed the wrong month. Next time we'll leave the writing on the wall to me. 

After lunch we walked back to the ship, mainly because I desperately needed a nap, eatung and drinking in the sun really can take it out of you. 

BB's Restaurant - Grenada 

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