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Aruba - Eagle Beach

Aruba is an Island I have been to four times now and it is up there in my top three Carribean island to visit. 

The shops are fantastic, the tour of the island is brilliant but what my favourite thing to do in Aruba is head to the beach. It is exactly what you imagine a beach in the Carribean to be like. White sands, blue crystal waters and of course deep blue skies. 

Mam and I got the bus from the port we paid $5 for the round trip. Told the bus man we wanted to go to Eagle beach and as promised he shouted when we were there. 

We had a little walk along the beach and made camp at Amsterdam manor - before we found our sun beds we had a cocktail at the bar and chilled out in the sun. 

Two beds cost us $20 for the day but we only had until half past 3 as we needed to be back on the ship by 5. So we lay in the sun and soaked up the raise and took in our surroundings. 

Which of course were incredible. 

At half 1 we decided we were hungry and ordered some coconut prawns with an incredible colada dipping sauce and chips. Where I had a vodka or two to wash it all down. 

I lay there, taking in the sun dozing in and our of consciousness and reading my book. 

When the time came to catch our bus, we did back to the port where we decided to have a little dip in and out of the shops. I bought myself a Pandora ring I’ve been eyeing up for quite some time. 

As the time came to get back on the ship I felt rather sad as I love Aruba so much. The locals call Aruba One Happy Island and it most certainly is. However I was one very sad girl to be leaving. 

Aruba - Eagle Beach 

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