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A Day Trip To Curacao

Curacao was one of the islands I’ve never visited before. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, Feeling the heat as I stepped from the ship was like receiving a warm hug - very much welcome. 

We had decided to do a little exploring on foot. As we left the port we made use of the wifi in the port and had an ice cream before making our way to Willematad which is the capital. My first impression of Curacao was the island is incredibly colourful. Curacao is one of the six islands that was owned by the Dutch which has clearly influenced the architecture. 

As we walked over the bridge that took us to Willematad I did feel a little drunk. It wasn’t steady at all. At first I found it funny watching people trying to cross in a straight line until it was my turn. I did feel a little sea sick at the end. 

We had a look around the shops, stopped for a crab sandwich and took in the local atmosphere. Everyone on the island seemed to speak a different language, Dutch, Spanish and English with some residents using all three languages at once. 

Also we walked we came across the most amazing fruit and vegetable stall that went right along the side of the road. 

My friends always say I will speak to anyone. It’s something that I love doing, talking to new people and when in the carribean I am absolutely no different however these locals didn’t fancy doing a lot of talking. 

After spending a good 5 hours or so walking around Curacao my flip flops began to rub my feet and we decided it was time to head back to the ship for a rest - but mainly because I was hungry. So we retired back on our balcony where I had 40 winks. 

It was a late sailing from Curacao but I was far too tired to go anywhere other than the port to use their free wifi. 

I was fairly surprised with how much I loved wondering around Curacao - it is some where I would love to go back too. 

We set sail for Aruba at 10pm. 

A Day Trip To Curacao 

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