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The Groom Room - Pets At Home

Hello Chaps and Dames I hope you are all well. 

Again it's been a long time no bark from me. Katie has kept this blog all to herself. Well I've got something to tell you about. Granted it involves me going in the dreaded bath (I get nervous just thinking about it.) 

As you can see on the photo above one is not looking ones best. In fact, I am filthy. 

Here's a closer look. 

Yes, I am still uber cute but slightly dirty. The weather makes the ground muddy and I am rather close to the ground, which makes it easy for me to get dirty. My Daddy puts me in the sink after every walk to wash my paws and stomach but sometimes they put me in the big bath for a proper wash. 

I was sent some new shampoo and conditioner from the lovely people over at Pets At Home, (that's where my mother gets my favourite treats from.) 

The Groom Room - natural oatmeal and coconut, ladies and gentlemen after this bath not only do I now look delicious but I actually smell delicious too. 

However to get to look as good as I do now the humans do something that is similar to torture, but they call it a bath. 

I mean honestly, come on, who does this for 'fun'. 

Throughout my bath time I kept being promised a treat at the end, which of course made it all worth while. 

Post bath I had my usual shake down to dry myself off but my family still insist in using my hairdryer to ensure I'm super dry. 

I had a spray of the conditioner to make sure my tangle teezer glides through my hair. 

Here I am, super fluffy and white as snow. 

Form an orderly queue ladies. ;)

Now if you want to go to the parlour for a treat there's a new one opened at Pet's at home in Bishop Auckland which is the area where I was born. 

The Groom Room - Pets At Home 

*These beauty products were sent to me to try - my opinions remain my own, I'm a dog not a politician. 

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