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The Botanist Winter Wonderland - Newcastle

Christmas is just around the corner, you may have started doing the odd bit of present buying and I'm pretty sure you will have arranged a Christmas catch up with your friends. It's all getting very exciting. I absolutely love the run up to Christmas. 

You may remember last year I spent quite a bit of time at The Botanist just before Christmas - mainly drinking their Hot apple cider, which I am happy to tell you it is back on the menu. 

The roof terrace of The Botanist has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Lot's of twinkly lights, warm navy blankets and heaters strategically placed to keep you warm. 

Perfect place to have a drink after you've finished your Christmas shopping. 

And if you get stuck in Newcastle with bad snow, The Botanist have you covered. Plenty of ski's and snowboards to get you home! 

However if it does get a bit cold for you you can take refuge in the nice warm bar inside. 

The Botanist Winter Wonderland - Newcastle 

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