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Scream Factory - Redcar 2016

I'm a complete wuss, scared of the dark and other things that go bump in the night, so the fact I went felt pretty brave. I did also repeat over and over in my head "It's all for the blog Katie, keep going!".

I got invited down to the Scream Factory tour last week and thought I would tell you about it. It's the biggest scare fest in the North East.

Located just behind Kirkleatham Hall in Redcar lies the Scream Factory in the perfect setting for the spooky tour.

Scream factory offers 2 tours, the Twilight tour is aimed at children over the age of 3 and get a chance to take a tour to join the Mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland for a Halloween party, there will be characters there to help you find the way however some may point you in the wrong direction. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Running for 3 days, 29th of October until  the 31st. Brilliant for some Halloween half term fun. Tickets available here.

The extreme tour is something I got a little treat to last Friday. This tour is suitable for children over the age of 14. You get to take a walk around the Scream factory town, visit the butcher, the morgue and get to visit the doctor. All whom are very keen to get to know you.

Tours start on Friday 21st and run until the 31st of October you can go in groups of 10 and just in numbers! Get your tickets from

Let me give you a word of warning there is no 'safe word' to stop you getting scared. Once you are in the tour you must complete it. I promise you - if I can do it so can you. I had such a brilliant time and have been telling everyone about it since.

I recommend wearing wellies when you got on the tour as it is an outdoor event and of course wear a coat. We are in the North East and it is almost winter.

This is the 5th year Scream Factory has been going and I've been told by people that is gets better and better every year. I'm super excited to see what happens in the future as it is pretty brilliant this year.

Please don't forget to tweet me once you've been on the tour and let me know if you survived....@katiejaneonline.

Scream Factory - Redcar 2016 

*This was a compliantly preview. 

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