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Bodhi at Precision Fitness Blagdon

There's a new kind of fitness in town - one that is loved by the likes of Gwyneth Poaltrow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and of course me. It's called Bodhi but nicknamed the 'Super Model Workout'

I was invited up to Precision Fitness in Northumberland for a taster session now I've completed 2 half marathons and my fitness level is probably the best it has ever been in my life I'm looking at ways I can add strength sessions into my workout routine also. 

Blagdon where Precision Fitness is based is absolutely stunning right in the middle of the wonderful English country side, it had a very tranquil feel as I parked up and looked over the beautiful Northumberland countryside. Precision Fitness is the only Bodhi centre outside of London so we're rather lucky that is near to us in the North East.

I was greeted by Adrian and shown around the Pilates studio. Bodhi is similar to Pilates, sort of. 

For Bodhi, you are suspended in the air with 4 ropes. 2 for your hands and arms and 2 for your feet. 

I am very inflexible and have extremely poor balance so I was slightly worried at one point I may fall off, especially when I was told to lift my feet from the floor so I was actually suspended in the air but it was incredible I really enjoyed it. 

As you are suspended it allows you to increase your stretches and I did feel a little taller when I left. My core was also put to the test, I know that it is the weakest part of my body and lots of professional runners have told me I need to increase the strength of my core. 

You can book in for a one to one class which was perfect for me and I was slight nervous when I saw the ropes for the first time however now I've done one session I would happily go back and join in with a class. In fact I really want to do it again soon. 

You can find the full time table on the Precision Fitness website here. 

Have you ever done a fitness class like this before? 

Bodhi at Precision Fitness Blagdon 

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