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Zapatista - Newcastle

I love visiting places I've never been before, restaurants especially. 

I'd heard lot's of good things about Zapatista but never actually been. I walked pasted it probably around 100 times as I make my way from the central station up to the centre of Newcastle. 
Laura and I were well overdue a catch up so when it came to deciding where we should eat it seemed fitting that we both fancied Mexican and we could both meet up in Newcastle so Zapatistia it was. 

It took me all over around 30 seconds to make my way from central station to cross the road and arrive at Zapatista to meet Laura. We went inside and the restaurant was buzzing. Couples dressed in suites having a bite to eat before they got the train home, families sharing nachos and friends, just like Laura and I having a catch up. 

To order your food you simple stand at the counter and watch your food being made in front of you. 

We made our way up stairs with our drinks and our food followed us once it was ready. 
I went for a quesadilla with beef and guacamole and sour cream on the side. I've never had a quesadilla before but oh my days, I feel like I've been missing out. Stuffed with cheese, rice, salsa and plenty of onions. It was super 
Laura had a beef burrito which was packed full of all delicious flavours. 
I was eyeing up the nachos so of course we got some to share with all kinds of wonderful toppings. I've been craving the nachos since. They were delicious. 
The staff at Zapatista were so friendly and really were helpful as I didn't really have the foggiest idea what to order or how to actually place an order. 
To round the night up we ordered some churros - again something else I'd never actually had before and something I feel like I've been missing out! A bit like a doughnut (but way better), served warm with chocolate or toffee sauce. We got one of each. 
My very happy face from trying my first churro!! 
There are of course other delicious offerings at Zapatista if you're not a burrito, quesadilla or nacho fan. Also on the menu is Fajitas and tacos   
As the football season is back on I can see myself getting quite a few pre match burritos to take up to me to St Jame's park to enjoy when I get to my seat. 

There's no need to book at Zapatista just walk in and chose whatever you fancy. What should I try next? 

Zapatista - Newcastle

*I was invited to Zapatista for review purposes. All opinions remain my own and I strongly suggest that if you've never tired a churro you do so at the most convenient time!

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