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My Week In Training #27 - The Great North Run

So the GNR week is finally upon us! Here is my week in running just before the GNR. 

Monday 5/9 

4 miles run along Marbella coast with my friend Abigail who filled me with confidence about the GNR, I'm starting to feel the nervous settling in. It was rather hot but I figured all good training. 

Tuesday 6/9 

Rest day. 

Wednesday 7/9 

5k along Marbella coast again with Abigail. I jumped on the foam roller as soon as I got back home as I don't want my legs feeling tight before Sunday.

Thursday 8/9 

Rest day. (Back home to Durham.)

Friday 9/9 

Rest day. 

Saturday 10/9 

I went to Durham parkrun which of course is always 5k I ran it pretty quick considering I have a half marathon tomorrow but I need to keep my head thinking about anything else other than tomorrow. 

Sunday 11/9 

The big day it's self!!! I managed it! No need to worry about the distance I felt great. 13.18 miles took me 2 hours and 25 minutes!! I'm feeling on top of the world and nothing will wipe the smile from my face for a long time.

I'm going to carry on this blog posts series as I'm running another half marathon in 3 weeks time in Keilder and I thought it was be good to keep my motivation going. I hope you've enjoyed this little series. 

My Week In Training #27 - The Great North Run 

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