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My Week In Training #26 - Great North Run

There's a running theme along last weeks training plan. I only seemed to run along beaches. 

Monday 29/8 

Some lovely running buddies and I went to South Shields for a nice 10k the first 4 miles was along the final part of the GNR route. I was so thankful that the lovely ladies took me along that way as it gave me chance to familiarise myself and settle some nerves that had been brewing.  

Tuesday 30/8 

I did a 5k walk along the beach from San Pedro to Peurto Banus. Was very hot but I wanted to keep my legs ticking. 

Wednesday 31/8 

Rest day. 

Thursday 1/9 

A 5k run along the San Pedro beach. I basically run up and down the walk way until I hit 3.1 miles on my Garmin. My first mile was uber fast in 8mins and 56secs. Running on my own is extremely boring and I clearly can't pace myself very well. 
Friday 2/9 

Rest day. 

Saturday 3/9 

As I only really know one route in Marbella - which is running up and down the beach so I ran up and down the beach until I got 3.2 miles on my watch. Running on your own is so boring

Sunday 4/9 

Rest day. 

So that's it, my last training up date with you until after the Great North Run. I'm so excited but a little nervous. Which I guess is normal for anyone doing a half marathon for the first time. My sponsor page is here I'd be extremely grateful of any donation. WISH ME LUCK!! 

My Week In Training #26 - Great North Run 

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