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Jump 360 - Stockton

Today may be my birthday and I am about to enter the last stage of my mid twenties, I may look like an adult, act like and adult at times and spend my time doing adult things like getting my boiler fixed but at heart I am still a child and I have always wanted to go to a trampoiline park. 

When I got invited down to Jump 360 in Stockton it was like all my dreams had came true at once - what can I say I am easily please. 

I took my partner in crime along with me, Emily for a jump around and what my mother would have called when we were younger 'a mad hour to get rid of some of their energy'. 

We got there at half 5 for our 6pm booking. I did go prepared in my running leggings and sports bra ready for as much jumping action as possible. We were both given grippy socks, asked to fill out a waiver, popped a coloured band on our wrist and make our way to watch a safety video. 

I put my phone and shoes away in one of their lockers and went as quickly as possible without breaking into a run on my way to where the trampoline floor was. 

To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. I had the best time ever. 

Along with the trampolines there was a massive air bag. 

It did take me a good few minutes to build up the courage to jump off. 

And some basket ball nets.

Naturally I had to have a little shot it was a long time ago since I played basket ball or netball. 

And to my delight, I still had it. 

There was a foam pit which I loathed when I fell off the bags. 

Now I thought I was relatively fit, I've ran a half marathon got another one on Saturday but I was not prepared for what 40 minutes of jumping up and down would do. 

Emily and I were absolutely shattered so we went upstairs to the cafe for a little drink. 

Perfect for any parents that don't want to jump around with their children to have a nice coffee with a good view to keep an eye on them. 

I can't wait to go back to to a trampoline park! Jump 360 also do a fitness class which I can imagine is a really good work out! 

Price start from as little as £6 and you can find the full list here. 

Have you been to a trampoline park before? Is there any others in the North East I should try? 

Jump 360 - Stockton

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