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The Bridge Brasserie The Vermont Hotel - Newcastle

The Vermont Hotel is in the heart of Newcastle actually next to the real Castle. The 1930's style building is the only place I've ever stayed in Newcastle back in 2014. I've often made an appearance in the Redwood bar, the Vermont is a pure quality place, it's good style and class which is right up my street. 

I have been to The Bridge Brasserie before but it was back before my days as a blogger so I'm excited to share what I think is a good little secret spot in Newcastle.

We were seated at our table and given the choices of wine, white, red or rose. 

Emily and I opted for the Sauvignon blanc. 
Grab a glass and a seat and let me tell you all about the food. 

After we ordered our food we got the choice of some bread. 

Which of course I slathered in butter. 
Before our starters arrived we were treated to this pretty amuse bouche. 
Poatoto and leek soup with a pretty edable flower on top. I did feel pretty guilty about eating the flower, the soup was tasty and I thought if chef's can make their amuse bouche this good I'm looking forward to what's to come. 

Luckily I didn't have a long wait. 
My crab and crayfish arrived and it was delicious. Cray fish on the top and the crab was hiding at the bottom of the glass. 

Emily went for the chicken and truffle terrine. 
I know she theoryly enjoyed her starter as all conversation stopped during our eating, which always makes me laugh.  
The views you get from The Vermont are fabulous. I spent New Year's Eve 2014/2015 on the roof top bar with a private vewing of the fireworks over the Tyne Bridge. It was magical. 

For main course I went for the chicken breast which was stuffed with taleggio and wrapped in parma ham. 
Look at the cheese oozing out. 
The chicken always came with a side of Duchess potatoes, spinach and roasted vine tomatoes. 

Emily ordered the pork belly. 
 With a side of scallops, squid ink mash, deep fried cauliflower, onion puree and a madeira jus. 
The pork was cooked perfectly and I managed to steal a quick bite and it was delicious. 

You would think by this point after eating all this delicious food that we would be too full to consume pudding, well you would of course be wrong. 

I went for something a little bit off menu. 
3 scrumptious scoops of ice cream. White chocolate, bubblegum and pistachio. The bubblegum was my absolutely favourite.  
The warm sticky toffee prune pudding. A proper desert in my book. 

After our 3 course meal I was well and truly satisfied. 

3 course's for 2 people including a quality bottle of wine comes to £69, which is fantastic value as the food was superb. This deal is brilliantly named as the 'Wine and Dine' package. 

So now the secret is out - The Vermont Hotel pure class with quality food. 

When you go to The Vermont tweet me a photo of what you're eating and make me jealous. My twitter handle is @katiejaneonline. 

The Bridge Brasserie The Vermont Hotel - Newcastle 

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