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Having dyslexia meant I missed reading a lot of typical childhood books. I did used to get them on caset (remember them?) but not until I was in my mid-teens.

I used to have this huge hardback book with a pink cover on that had all Roald Dahl's classic's in and I remember sitting on my bed flicking through and looking at the pictures. Never being able to read more than a few words as a lot of the words Dahl was using were made up. I couldn't read English let a long stringing syllables together to try and learn a new word.
When I heard the BFG was heading to the big screen I thought this is my chance to get to read the book. My reading has come on leaps and bounds as an adult. I'm still a very slow reader as I still make words out by breaking them down.

I bought the book from the Children's section in Waterstone's in Newcastle and the girl on the till was so lovely, I told her I'd never read it due to having dyslexia and she told me I was in for a real treat, it was still one of her favourite childhood books.

In my mid twenties I am happy to say I have read the BFG and loved it, in fact it's made me want to read a few more of Roald Dahl's books. My friend Samantha from North East Family fun has told me to read The Witches next. I might just do that.

Every child develops at their own rate, I truly believe my reading development was just a little bit slower than the average dyslexic person's and I'm ok with that. As I can read what I want to now, it may take me a little bit longer but I'll get there.

If you are dyslexic visit your local library to see what audiobooks they have my local library in Durham has quite a few.

So my question to you is, what was your favourite book as a child? I loved Jacqueline Wilsons books, well I had them on caset, loads of them. Sleep Overs and the suitcase kid were a favourite of mine!


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