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Serenity At Seaham Hall Spa

There is absolutely nothing better than a spa day with your best friend. Lounging around the pool, drinking prosecco, eating delicious food and drifting off during a heavenly massage. It does sound rather perfect. 
I did just that with my mother a few weeks ago. We arrived at Seaham Hall got checked in, confirmed our massages, sipped on homemade lemonade and went straight for some food in the Ozone restaurant. 
We of course started our relaxing day with some bubbles (which is my book is the only way to start any form of a perfect day). Browsing the menu and deciding what to have. I honestly could have ordered everything from the starters but I refrained and ordered just one dish each. 
Warning before you read on I feel like you need to know this is a rave review, the food is the best I've ever tasted at Seaham Hall and honestly the best Asian food I have had in such a long time. 

As both Mam and I couldn't decided what we wanted we decided to swap half way through. I went for the Chicken satay skewers. Which were so tender and the satay was incredibly tasty. 

Mam's crispy prawns were so fresh and tasted so good too. 
The starters were amazing and I was really impressed with the service. The staff were very friendly and helpful especially as my Mam was unfortunately stung by a wasp in the restaurant. They couldn't do enough to make sure my Mam was comfortable after the sting. 

I got the Chicken Tikka for main course and oh my days - I've been dreaming about this dish since last Sunday! It was so delicious. I'm planning a trip to the Ozone again as soon as I can. I order rice for the side. It came in 3 dishes, 1 for the curry, 1 for the rice and 1 empty bowl to combined the 2 which I really liked that idea for serving curry. 

Mam went for what she always goes for, the prawn Thai Green curry. Again, this was so tasty, I've yet to have tasted a Thai Green curry as good as I have at Ozone. 
The time quickly came around for us to have our massages. We got changed into our swimsuits and popped our complimentary robes and slippers on and plodded over to the Zen lounge where we waited for our therapists. 
Seaham Hall is the Flagship for Thailands new product house Ytsara's (which is Thai for Freedom).

My Mam and I were having a Ytsara Prana Vital (£95). "A combination of massage techniques and a heated poultice work with Ytsara’s vital energy body oil with blue ginger to inspire self-connection and renewal. Targeting the meridian energy system and unblocking areas of trapped energy that manifest in physical and/or emotional pain. The mind and the body are uplifted and energised."

We were taken to our separate treatment rooms which smelt like lemons and ginger. 

To start I was given a food bath and I washed my hands as the people of Thailand believe we carry bad energy in these areas. 
The I jumped on the bed and was drifted into pure paradise. 
I've never had quite such a relaxing massage, it was pure bliss. The warm poultice was rubbed up and down my body. My legs were rather tight as was my back so it felt so tranquil. 

The Prana Vital was so indulgent I've been recommending this treatment to all my friends and family. 

When I heard the Tibetan bells chime to sound that my treatment was over I lay in the bed a few moments before I made my way back to the Zen lounge to be reunited with my Mam and I was brought a raspberry sorbet.    
Once I felt a little more awake Mam and I made our way back to Ozone for some pudding.  

I opted for the Eton Mess. 

And Mam got the most delicious cheese cake I've ever tasted!! 
At this point our bodies were in a state of relaxation we drifted into the spa with our reading material ready to have a little sit down and snooze.

But first I went and had a little dip in the water.  
My absolute favourite at the spa in Seaham hall is the outdoor hot tub.

I love the fact that in the colder months it's freezing cold but your emerged in a pool of water keeping you warm. The only problem is, you'll never want to get out. 

No matter how hot I've been from been from the Sauna I've never felt the urge to go in the ice baths. Some brave souls did just before I took this photo. 
Our time at Seaham Hall was sadly coming to an end. Getting changed and going home was something I really didn't want to do. 

Before you leave Seaham Hall you must go and say hello to the resident Elephant.
You can tailor your own day at Seaham Hall you can check their spa packages out here.

There is lot's more about Seaham Hall on Katie Jane Online you just need to click here to see more. 

Have you been to Seaham Hall before? I'm going back to the Ozone Restaurant as soon as I can! 

Serenity At Seaham Hall 

*This was a  complimentary trip for purpose of review all opinions are my own and honest. The food at Ozone really was amazing. 

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