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North East Bloggers Picnic At Saltwell Park By Alfie

It hasn't half been a long time no type hasn't it? Well I thought I'd better put paw to keyboard. I hope you've missed me, I'm possibly the best North East dog blogger there ever has been. 
I heard it was the North East Bloggers annual Summer picnic at Saltwell Park in Gateshead and of course I had to make an appearance. Katie very kindly drove me to see my friends. 
It was a glorious day on Saturday to my great delight. 
I got some wonderful cuddles, tummy tickles and pats on the back from all the bloggers. 
And a special cuddle from my sister.  

The bloggers picnic was a lovely day out. Here are some of my friends from North East Family Fun
Big Stevie Cool and Mr New Girl In Toon took it in turns stroking me which was my delight. 
Just look how happy I am!!

And Katie looks really happy with her blogging friends too. 
After the picnic was over the 'New Girl In Toon' kindly took me for a walk to get some ice cream. 
What she didn't tell me was the fact the ice cream was for human consumption only!! What a cheek!. 
Although she did take me on a glorious walk post ice cream eating. 

If you wish to read my blog post from last year you are more than welcome to here

Thanks for stopping by, I hope I get invited to the bloggers picnic next year chaps. If wish to see more of me follow my sister on snapchat - katiejaneonline. 

North East Bloggers Picnic At Saltwell Park By Alfie

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