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My Week In Training #22 - Great North Run

How did August sneak up on us so quickly? The Great North Run is officially next month!! 

Monday 1/8 

Rest day.

Tuesday 2/8 

Rest day. 

Wednesday 3/8 

I went to track to do a little bit of speed work. My confidence in running quick has been knock recently so I wanted to make sure I could still run a sub 10 minute mile. (I can thankfully). We ran 2 mins and 30 secs hard with a 1 min and 30 sec recovery 5 times over. I did 5k in just under 30 minutes so I was pretty glad about that! 
Thursday 4/8 

Rest day. 

Friday 5/8

Went out on a nice off road 10k with the gang. The weather was beautiful which made it slightly harder, but still enjoyable. 

Saturday 6/8 

5k at Durham parkrun. I was paired up with a lovely lady who had just graduated from the most recent C25K. We had a lovely jog. 
Sunday 7/8 

Rest day. 

I'm running the GNR in aid of St Cuthberts hospice in Durham and I'd be ever so great full of a donation. It doesn't matter if it is 50 pence I'd be over the moon. Please find my virgin money giving page here. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. 

My Week In Training #22 - Great North Run  

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