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My Week In Training #21 - Great North Run

Well it's been a strange old week and to tell you the truth I just haven't 'felt' like running.

I've been so tired and lethargic - so if I haven't felt like running I just didn't run.

Monday 25/7

Rest day.

Tuesday 26/7

Rest day.

Wednesday 27/7

5.2 miles of awful running. My club put on an event called the Durham Clamber. It was all up hill and trail running. It was awful. I walked most of the hill and fell over on the uneven ground. But at the presentation my number was pulled out the hat and I won a Sunday lunch for 2 at a local pub - so that was pretty good.
Thursday 28/7

Rest day.

Friday 29/7

Rest day.

Saturday 30/7

I went to parkrun, which I really didn't want to do but my Dad said it would be good for me. I'm glad I went as at the half way point I might have found my running mojo again. I don't want to say it too loud, just in case it's not there but  I felt brilliant afterwards. Even if I did sleep all day afterwards. 

Sunday 31/7

Rest day.

I haven't done much for my training this week and I've given up on feeling guilty about it. I just feel a bit 'blugh' if that makes sense? But today is a new week and hopefully my feeling low will change.

How have you been feeling recently?

My Week In Training #21 - Great North Run 

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