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Le Petit Chateau - Northumberland

In the deepest, darkest Northumberland, well Otterburn to be exact, lies a brand new hotel Le Petit Chateau. As you can tell by the name, it is French inspired. 
We were there for my friends tying the knot. Emily and I did stay over, you've seen my outfit post, so shall I show you around the hotel? 
Coming in to Otterburn you'd be forgiven for driving straight past this gem, no signs or signals to alert you to Le Petit Chateau. From the outside it looks like a very basic pub. But don't judge a book by it's cover. 

Our room wasn't ready and as we arrived in our comfy clothes, we had a quick change in the managers office and, like a flash we were wedding ready. 

We had a little time to kill before the Bride made her way down the aisle. There was a lovely waiting area next to the private bar where we could chill out and talk over how excited we all were. 
But it wasn't long till the couple were ready to say 'I do'. 
The chapel where our friends got married was absolutely stunning. They stood in front of the fire place and declared their love to all their friends and family. 
As they made their way out as the new Mr & Mrs we showered them in confetti before moving on to the bar. 
Amy had created a cocktail especially for her big day. It was called a strawberry blonde, it tasted a bit like a mojito but a little bit sweeter. We sipped our cocktails in the garden while the bridal party were off getting their photos taken. 
Le Petit Chateau is dog friendly, a bonus! This is Wilbert, one of two Border Terriers that joined in on the celebrations. He is such a good boy, but sadly his Mammy and Daddy wouldn't let me take him home. 
On to the food - the main event (after the vows). 
I settled down at the table next to my date (Emily). 
And there was a furry one by my feet who refused to look at the camera. 
But the human people at the table were my favourite. 
We started off with mozzarella wrapped in ham drizzled with balsamic vinegar and roasted vegetables. It tasted so good - I even had seconds from my sister. (Best kind of date, the one who shares their food).
We then got a sorbet to freshen things up. 
Which came swimming in Lemenchello. 
Which was topped up with prosecco. 
Which is the perfect kind of sorbet in my book! 
Main course was a grilled chicken breast, creamy mash potato, roasted carrots and a herb cream sauce.
 And we were treated to sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream for desert. The food was delicious there was over 100 people at the wedding and the chef did an amazing job! 

After our food it was time to check in our room - we were staying in room 1388. Which really should be 13 but for some reason people think it might be unlucky, so the room is 1388 after the battle of Otterburn which took place that year. 

Our room was cosy. 
We couldn't check in till 3, which turned out to be pretty good timing, as that was the break during the wedding breakfast. 
I did love our little room, my favourite bit was the bathroom! 
How pretty are these tiles? 
There was also some L'Occitane products in the bathroom. I always feel you can tell what standard a hotel is by the complimentary bathroom treats they have, don't you? So far Le Petit Chateau was getting a thumbs up from me. 
After a LOT of dancing with the live band on the wedding night to some amazing music, I was well and truly shattered when the lights came on to end it all. I climbed upstairs, got out of my lovely dress and I dropped into bed and fell into a deep sleep. Our bed was so comfortable, I did not stir until morning. 

I'm sure you know how much I love breakfast. Sadly, the breakfast at Le Petit Chateau was nothing to write home about. 

I went for the Eggs Benedict with 'crispy bacon'. There was nothing crispy about my bacon at all and the eggs tasted like vinegar.  
Emily had the full English. 
Again, was nothing to write home about. 

Which is a shame because our evening meal was so delicious, I thought breakfast would be even better as there wasn't many of us staying over. (We stopped off on the way home and had a huge lunch so it wasn't too bad.) 

Le Petit Chateau was the picture perfect venue for my friends wedding, I can't believe another one of my old friends is married. 3 down, 3 to go. 

Le Petit Chateau - Nortumberland 

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