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Jalou Cocktail Master Class - Newcastle

Jalou is located perfectly for me in Newcastle - right next to the train station. As I travel by train into Newcastle, Jalou is often my last place I call for a drink before making the trip back to Durham.
The music at Jalou is my kind of music, 90's RnB with a modern twist. I often find myself at home trying to remake a Jalou playlist. 

Last Thursday night Chloe, Samantha and Laura and I made our way there for a cocktail making master class after a week of stress it was what we all needed, friends and cocktails there is no better mix. 

Our master class was held in the VIP area which was very fancy, with private seating and bar. 

We were handed a cocktail on arrival, which went down a treat as we sipped our drink we managed to squeeze in a bit of gossip. 
Our wonderful teacher Tom, asked if we'd prefer bubblegum or rhubarb flavoured shots. We went for rhubarb and they were delicious. 
Tom gave us a little brief of what to expect then it was straight into the cocktail making. First up was Chloe and Samantha. 
They look almost professional. 
But don't worry Tom wasn't too far away to show them the way! 
Even when Sam had the blow torch out. 
I had such a laugh watching Chloe turning on the blow torch. The fact that I was sat right in front of her should have worried me. I stepped right back when she managed to light it. 
And here is their finished result. A marshmallow martini. 
Of course soon after they'd popped their bottles away it was mine and Laura's turn to get cocktail making. 
We decided to make a Bubblegum zombie. Sounds delicious.
Tom talked us through everything first then Laura and I were set off to make our own. 
Don't worry if you're like me and forget things as Tom is there to give you all the help you need.
My favourite part of cocktail making is the shake. Does anyone else ever feel the urge to just sing Taylor Swift 'Shake it off shake it off' when you see a bartender doing this? I also felt very 'Tom Cruise' from the movie Cocktail. However, I did resist the urge of throwing and trying to catch any bottles! (Don't worry Jalou). 
And here is my finished article. With a bubblegum zombie, you also get a shot in this cool skull glass. 

By this point, I was super hungry so I was so glad to see some nibbles being laid out for us. 

There was plenty for us to enjoy, a section of sandwiches, duck springs rolls, chicken skewers and mini beef bites. 
Post food, it was time to make our last cocktail. Everyone (I mean Chloe) really wanted to make the Cookie Monster, and I have to say he did look pretty cute. Tom showed us first, before we had a race to see who was the quickest at making their own. 
Now I am extremely competitive, so the game was on for me. Thankfully for my ego, more than anything else, I did in fact win my heat! 
Mine didn't look as good as our example - but it's all about the taste! 
The thing I was most worried about was the test at the end. Oh yes, Tom set us an exam, well I say exam, it was really just a question each. Obviously, I got the hardest question and of course got it wrong. As a forfeit I had to down a shot a chilli and coffee Patron. I pretended I liked it but deep down it was awful, I'm not a fan of coffee. 
I honestly had such a good night at Jalou. The cocktail master class was brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. Classes start from £20.95 per person, which includes drink on arrival, 2 cocktails, a Tom* and a food platter. To book, just email 

All the cocktails on Thursday night at Jalou are half price. Definitely the best time to try a new cocktail or two. 

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*You are not always guaranteed to get Tom but other bartenders are available.  

Jalou Cocktail Master Class - Newcastle 

*I was invited along to Jalou for purpose of review all words are my own and I had such a good night. 

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