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Tyneside Cafe and Cinema - Absolutely Fabulous

Do you know what I love doing? Going to the Cinema. Do you know what I don't do enough of? Go to the cinema.

Before last Sunday I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema so on Sunday Emily and I made our journey north to go to the Tyneside Cinema to see Absolutely Fabulous..

We had brunch in the café first as neither of us had had breakfast.

Emily went for a  Tyneside Cinema hot dog with a beechwood smoked sausage, brioche bun topped with crispy onions - which I must say looked so tasty lying on a bed of chips. 

I went for the BLAT sandwich, a modern twist on the old BLT. Honey roasted bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato with a side of house salad.

As you can see by face I was rather impressed with my choice of food. 

And it tasted pretty good too. 

The atmosphere in the café was relaxed - some people were gossiping while drinking G&T's while others were trying to keep their children entertained so they could enjoy their coffee.

After brunch we actually booked tickets to go and see it's a wonderful life in December. Yes, I know December is still month's away but last year all the tickets were sold out and I still haven't seen the movie, so I'm well prepared this year. I even got a mince pie with my ticket.

I picked up tickets and Emily and I took our seats inside the movie theatre.

Walking into the cinema screen was like being transported back in time, I loved it.

There was a red velvet curtain that lifted to reveal the screen, I was far too excited by this.  

As for the movie, well I loved it and I can see me and my sister's life panning out like Patsy and Eddie's (minus the drug use of course). I am partial for a glass of Champagne for breakfast. As for who will be who, I'll let you work that one out for yourself, sweetie. 

Tyneside Café and Cinema - Absolutely Fabulous

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