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My Week In Training #20 - Great North Run

Well the first part of this week was boiling, hotter than Marbella. So to everyone who went out running well done you are an idiot, like me. 

Monday 18/7 

Hill reps in 28 degree heat! Yup that's correct, 1 mile out then 1 min up the hill and 2 min down 8 times. with another mile to get home. I drank gallons of water. 

Tuesday 19/7 

Rest day. 

Wednesday 20/7 

The first ever Durham City Run took place today and I singed up for the 10k, the course was tough but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't very fast at all, I managed to get around in 1 hour and 13 which was better than I thought I would.
Thursday 21/7 

Rest day.

Friday 22/7 

My longest run so far. 10.61 miles of hills, cows giving me evil looks, I tripped over twice and drank so much water. But I managed to complete my first proper long run! I felt unbelievably proud of myself. Look at the elevation though, was a hard route. 

Saturday 23/7 

Durham parkrun 3.1 miles. I was slower than a snail but I hadn't eaten anything from Friday lunch time - which I know was very bad for me and I could tell my body just had energy left in the tank. 

Sunday 24/7 

Rest day. 

After my long run on Friday it really made me feel more confident that I am going to be able to finish the Great North Run. Don't get me wrong I know I need to still keep up the training but at least in my head I now know the distance is manageable. 

How has your week been? 

My Week In Training #20 - Great North Run 

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