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My Week In Training #19 - Great North Run

I came home from my holiday on Wednesday and feel like I need to throw myself into training as with being injured I feel like I've lost a lot of my fitness.

Monday 11/7

Rest day.

Tuesday 12/7

Rest day.

Wednesday 13/7

Back home from my holiday and straight back into training for the GNR. I did 3.61 miles running around a field. It was meant to be interval training, with one minute running hard with 2 minutes recovery. Sadly I only had one pace. Which was slow. But I loved being back out running!

Thursday 14/7

Rest day.

Friday 15/7

Rest day.

Saturday 16/7

I made an appearance at parkrun in Durham for the first time in ages. My friend Mark and I ran around the 5k course in 33 mins and 28 secs. Big thanks to Mark who stayed with me all the way. 

After parkrun I went to Aerial yoga for some much needed stretching. I was very careful with the leg stretches as my right leg still isn't 100% and I didn't want to damage it any further.

Sunday 17/7

I rounded up a few friends and we went on practice route of the Durham 10k route. We did a lap and wow it was tough, I knew there'd be a few hills but no where near as many as there actually was. But I managed to get a nice 3.37 miles.

I'm really going to try and fit a long run in this week and of course the Durham 10k is on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to adding another medal to my collection. What do you have coming up this week?

My Week In Training #19 - Great North Run

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