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June Fitness Files 2016

I've spent most of this month injured - which isn't fun. I love running, it's basically my social life so when that was taken away I felt quite lonely this month.

Also June saw the official start of my Great North Run Training. I blog every Monday my previous week's training if you want to keep track on how I am getting on.

Best Achievement - Ok I'm digging deep to find an achievement this month but I went out on my first bike ride in years, I loved it. I did fall off once but it didn't put me off. I've been extremely busy with going away and my blog sadly to get back on my bike since but I'm hoping to organise another trip out.

Healthy Recipe To Try - With going out a lot I've probably only cooked a handful of meals in the house this month. But without a doubt these pizzas are my favourite. I'm going to do a recipe post on them later in July so keep an eye out.

Top Tip -  I got a Tomtom spark watch earlier in June and I've been loving tracking my swimming through it. So top tip. If you are into fitness investing in a good fitness tracker really makes a lot of difference. I always find myself pushing a little bit more in order to make my workout look good on my watch at the end of the session.

Total Miles Ran - 27 miles.

 So I didn't run as many miles as I could have liked too, but I've been injured and I'm slowly building myself back up. There is 2 months till my first half marathon, I'm not bother about getting a time I just really want to be able to run the whole thing.

What have you seen up to this month? Anyone else been injured like me?

June Fitness Files 2016 

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